Friday, January 28, 2011

what kinda jerk does that???

Except the whole TMI part... the first couple of paragraphs are about my day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

BYU WINS!!!!!!!!!!!

We went and waited in line on Tuesday to get our wristbands see this blog.  We than went and stood in line at 3:00pm yesterday.  It was worth it!!!  I yelled so loud that I lost my voice and my ears were ringing because of how loud it was.  WELL WORTH IT IN THE END OF THE WAITING!!!






BYU (9) 71  BEATS SDSU 58 (4)




going to update photos tomorrow

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


BYU basketball fans wait all night for tickets -

so here is the great story of my husband and I waiting in line. Yes, we were ones to head down after to work to wait in a line. Yes, I was in the line sitting waiting patiently than a mob happened and than the mob went back to a normal line than the mob happened again. We were hanging out in the middle underneath an umbrella from some guy we have never met we traded hand warmers for our friend Adam to come join us in the middle of the mob. Yes, you heard me hand warmers for our friend to join us. Than they told us to make another LINE so we did. Two hours later I'm at home trying to thaw out. Can I just rant for a minute BYU you are not going to be able to just hand out wristbands to sports and think no one is going to camp out and wait in line for them. These wristbands are the golden ticket and we want them yes we want them. This is a big deal our #9 ranked basketball team is going up against San Diego State who is #4 it is our time to show the world that we are one of the best teams out there. We have Jimmer and Emery if you don't know who they are look them up. The Dynamic Duo of BYU!!! So can I say it was worth it to wait in the mob/line yes because I met some really fun people even though it was a weird way of meeting you know up close and personal. So to answer the question I got the golden ticket I will be at the game tomorrow night standing in line at 3pm. Yes this is one big game enjoy the pictures. I got to enjoy the snow falling down no pictures of me standing in the snow because I didn't want to ruin my phone with the snow.  I GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET ACTUALLY THE GREEN TICKET!!!!


What number am I????   926 can you believe it I was in the top 100 when we got there this morning?!  So until tomorrow I am BYU ALL SPORTS PASS Property so that I can get into the BYU VS. SAN DIEGO GAME!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

books books and more books

So I have been keeping myself busy.  Everyone seeing my new blog huh huh?? Not only that my friends and I are trying to start an Etsy.  Not only that I have been busy with editing photos but only on nights I have the internet at my fingertips.  But I want a goal to read more and expand my horizon with books.  I still read the teenage books one of my co-workers thought it was funny that I was reading my teenage books and asked if I had ever read grown up books?   Just to let you know yes I have.  I read Angels and Demons before anybody my age started reading Dan Brown...  but I have yet to read The Da Vinci Code and I have it sitting on my shelf.  I think I was just a little upset that I saw my friends reading the second book before they read the first one but oh well.  I own it and it sits on my bookshelf just waiting just waiteing (that sounds more right) to be read. I also have the movie sitting on my DVD shelf.   So I read the book See Jane Run the blog below and another book I have read in the past week was a book called Heart to Heart it was a teenage book but I quite enjoyed it.  I'm just going to start a little list of the books I have read this year.  If you have anything to recommend let me know.  Up next maybe The Hunger Games if anyone will let me borrow them.

See Jane Run

I had this book recommended to me by a co-worker of mine.  I thought it was a way good book that didn't leave any questions unanswered but the downside to it was that the language and some sections of the book are not really needed.   But for suspense it is a way good book it had me turning all 404 pages wondering what was going to happen next was a real nail biter. (my pet peeve is when people bite their nails)  I had to buy sunflower seeds so I could keep my mouth busy with the sunflower seeds.  It was a good one time read and found it well written.  It felt like you were the character and that you were thinking is this for REAL???  So if you decide to read it let it be known that there are some choice words and some sections that you could just probably skip through.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Oh tonight was a fun night I got to see all the girls that I hung out with in High School and catch up on everything that has happened in our lives since we last saw each other.  Tons of fun and I will blog more about it later.  For now spending time with the hubby.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

sleep and me

So I have been meaning to post this procrastination that is what I am good at... I type all my blogs at work and than come home to post them but I have been so tired lately that it really hasn't been happening... so here it is for a new fun blog to read...

So here I sit at work wondering a question is there really so much that you can do before your body wants to fall asleep.  So here I ask the great question what do you do to stay awake when you have to???  This is a good question to be thinking about because in all honesty.  You think of all the things you could do to stay awake and than your brain starts to turn off after awhile of doing whatever you were thinking would keep you entertained all night.  I love when I’m reading and my eyes turn cross eyed and the only way to uncross them is to close them and than by the time your eyes are closed you want to just keep them shut for a little while for a little rest.  The best part is when the rest turns into the NOD you know what I’m talking about.  This nod is the one that hurts your neck whenever you realize you are asleep.  Many of my nights have been filled with the NOD.  Eating keeps people awake but it also causes weight gain and nobody wants weight gain.  So I turn to the internet but there is only so much you can do on the internet before you realize Facebook has not changed in the last 3 hours.  So you go check out all your friends Blogs to see if they have posted anything new yet. You get on to the Blog you start looking and you realize no changes in the Blog world either.  But than you realize something you’re the odd sheep.  You are the one that is awake when everyone else is asleep in their bed.  That is when your thoughts start heading toward going home and going to sleep in your nice comfy bed.  Thinking about the sleep you will get later or get starts making your brain go slower slower and slower until your eyes want to shut than you are back doing the NOD.  You wake yourself up decide to do something different.  Whatever it is you do reading makes you do the NOD the internet is making you do the NOD.  You try putting on a movie one that you have wanted to see in a long time so you shouldn’t fall asleep due to the fact that you want to see it.  So your sitting there watching it when you get to a part in the movie that is boring you decide just to close your eyes for that one second when you realize you are back to doing the NOD.  So the movie was a fail now what do you do.  You start typing your blog but than you wonder if you can type with your eyes closed you start to do it when you realize that the feeling of NOD is going to start happening.  So what do you do I couldn’t tell you I’m in that situation right now.  Open your eyes check out your spelling you are amazed because you only spelled one word wrong.  So you start trying again to see if this is the magic key to staying awake.  I think not…

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a start of a new blog

Hello I'm back and with that I have started a new blog it is called A Step At A Time: walking after having a stillbirth.  I know I'm crazy I have this one than my photography.  But the new one is anonymous and I want to keep it that way.  The reasoning is because I want to share my story of my daughter.  I don't mind if my friends read it because than they will know more about me and how I'm dealing with the loss of my babies.

I have a button on this page and you get redirected to it from here.

so here it starts
A Step At A Time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Check it Out

I have taught myself how to make a button.  So go check out my photography blog and grab yourself a button. Also just go visit my photography blog and leave a comment so I can feel some love.


So I'm just figuring out how this whole blog world works ha ha.  Well I'm learning how to make things for my blog.  I'm trying to learn how to make a button for my photography blog.  Eventually I will teach myself how to do that for right now I have learned how to make my own personal signature.  So yepee skipee for learning!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


     I have had a really hard week this week.  I have been thinking a lot about the blessings I do have in my life these last two days.  So yes I'm counting my many blessings and naming them one by one.
  • My first blessing is my family.  I have had a tough long months behind me and they have been here for me.  My mom spent the week with me after my Lexy died and made me feel like her little precious baby girl by spending time with me.  My dad has so much strength in him I will always remember the comfort that came over me when he hugged me at my daughters funeral and also all his hugs.  My dad gives one of the best hugs.  My husband Brandon I keep telling everyone he is my ROCK.  Brandon is always here for me even when I'm being a little stubborn and I just want to sit at home and do nothing he always gets me to laugh when I'm like that.  But not only that he is my best friend.  My sister Laura she is my best friend she lets me cry on her shoulder when I'm feeling sad also she makes me feel very special as her sister.  I love her little family her husband Kelly is a very nice guy and also gives out some good hugs when I need them.  Laura's daughter Samantha she is my baby sister I never got I always asked for one but I never got one.  So my Samantha is my little sister.  Samantha is full of so much life and beauty that she amazes me how precious of a girl she is.  My sisters little baby is a great comfort to me she cuddles now and I love it so much.  It is always fun to get to spend time with my little niece.  My brothers what can I say they are all amazing.  They are all big tender hearts underneath.  I love just going up to my parents house and having three of them live at home it is always good times to be had with them.  My in-laws are amazing they are always fun to be around.
  • Lexy! yes Lexy gets her own separate blessing.  Lexy is my angel.  Lexy has always watched out over me and than I got the chance to meet my angel who has been watching out for me.  It is a wonderful thing to be the mother of my angel.  I saw her I kissed her I held her.  I got to see the beauty of my little angel.  Lexy is a great comfort to me I still feel her love all around me and her putting her arms around me when I'm sad and just holding me knowing that I do feel the pain for her.
  • Friends,  I'm so grateful to have friends that give me courage and laughter.  They are pretty much A Mazing.  They know who they are and there are to many to name.
  • Strength,  Just the good old personal strength that you really don't know that you have until you need to use it.  The strength of me just getting up for the day and being able to carry on through out the day.
  • Tears, funny one to put after strength.  Tears to me is away of cleaning emotions.  Crying helps me feel better especially when I haven't had a good cry in a couple of days.  There is something about crying you know after you are done crying that it will be okay for a little while.
  • the SAVIOR,  He does know my pain he felt it when He was praying in Gethsemane.  He knows my heartache and has given me the strength to carry on.  He knows me and for that I'm very grateful for.
  • Heavenly Father,  He knows me and knows what I can handle.   He may not explain His reasoning to me right now but He does have a plan for us.  I trust in His plan.  He wants Brandon, Lexy, and I to be a family again so He is watching over us.  and like any Father I can turn to Him and just bare my soul out to Him and He does comfort me after all the tears have come.
  • My young woman leaders.  Yes, I know that I'm not in young womens anymore.  But they are still such a blessing to me.  Everything that they taught me has always been with me.  For them still being there for me at my Wedding, at the hospital, at my daughters funeral.  They are truly wonderful women and I still love them all so much.  They are like my moms and they still give me the strength and comfort.
As for now I'm going to go carry on with my life and remember all the many blessings that I do have in my life.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Angels up in Heaven

So my blog is turning into just one sad blog and I apologize for the tears come when reading my blog.

So my friend from High School that I was pregnant with her baby girl was born two weeks before my Lexy was born.  I'm borrowing this picture from my friend and I hope she doesn't mind but I want her to know how much I love her and her family.

Isn't her sweet little angel so GORGEOUS!!!  

Well last night I got some heartbreaking news this sweet little angel died yesterday.  My heart is aching lots now my heart was aching already over My daughter and my nephew.  But now I'm just a big weeping mess because of my friends loss. 

I know that angels are weeping for this loss and my thoughts and prayers are with my friend and her family.
I know that no words can express the feelings of loosing a child a baby a sweet infant.  Keep my friend and her family in your prayers also please.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 25

Day 25: What Would I Find In My Bag

Currently I carry around two bags….. A work bag and a camera bag…..  Let us explore the bag of my work bag.  I’m a very simple when it comes to work I take a TV series on DVD I also take a movie in case I get bored with the TV show.  I also take a laptop and that is why all my blogs happen at night.  So due to the computer you will find a computer cord also you will find my cell phone charger I use my phone to get access to the internet.  You will also find a pen and whatever book I’m currently reading.  But for right now I don’t have a book in there because I’m so busy being creative.  I also carry around a notebook so I can brainstorm for blogs and what not.  Also the best part you will sometimes find snacks in my bag and you will always find the MORMON coffee Mtn. Dew.  Little things like that are in my work bag.  Now the other bag I currently carry around everywhere I go is my Camera bag why you ask??  Because it truly is a dream come true to have a DSLR camera.  I’m still learning so I take pictures just to see how I can play with my camera.  You would also find all the cords I need for the camera.  You would also find the instructional DVD and the manual guide.  Yep that is what I carry around mostly in my bags.  I wish that I was a little more girly and I could say makeup, and my whole tiny world but that is not me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Brandon and I are celebrating my birthday tomorrow so as for today I have been hanging out with my sister and her family taking photos.  A great gift to have I get to use my camera and edit tons and tons of pictures I'm in Heaven.

you got to love the drool

Day 7 of letter challenge

A note about my life before I write about Day 7 Brandon is and was my first boyfriend and so I will not be writing to any ex-boyfriend.  After a long deep conversation Brandon gave me permission to bring up the feelings of the neighbor boy that I liked and he liked me but we will not mention names due to the fact that crushes are better kept secret. (and that he is still friends with someone in my family but who knows they might figure out who it was/is)

Dear Neighborhood boy,

    I wonder sometimes what would of happened if your family didn’t move away before we were old enough to date.  Would we of been boyfriend/girlfriend or would of we just drifted away from each other.  Do you remember when we would run around the neighborhood together everyday right when we would get home from school.  We would run home drop off our backpacks and meet up together to go on our little made up adventures.  What if you didn’t move what if we did become boyfriend and girlfriend.  How different would our lives would have been.  Would we of been the boyfriend/girlfriend that would fight breakup and than get back together.  Or would we of been the “cute” couple.  The couple that they show in movies.  Or would we have been the ones that had different friend groups but one day we run into each other and hang out and than start the whole just hanging out thing.  Would of we just of been friends and still continued on the path that we are on right now.  Me being married to a boy who grew up in Colorado a completely different state when we knew each other.  I know that you were about to get married and than your fiancĂ© ran off on you with another guy.  Would that of been me if we were going to get married???  Or would we of had the marriage in the Temple???  How old would have i been if we did decide to get married would I have been 22 and waited faithfully for you to return home from your mission???  (if you are all wondering yes, I would of have been the COUGAR) Or would we have just got married when you graduated from high school?? Or would of we just drifted apart before even getting that far into our life.  I wonder if you wonder sometimes?  I wonder if you wonder what could have been?  I wonder if you wonder about our childhood of running around together?  I wonder sometimes what could have been but at the end of the day I’m happy to go home and cuddle up with my husband and give him a good nights kiss and hear the words I LOVE YOU come from his mouth and those are the last words I hear before I fall asleep.  So where ever you are my childhood crush I hope you are happy and living your dreams.
Your Childhood Crush
(I wonder if we ever did date would of this letter
Been different would it be a letter to the ex boyfriend)

Day 6 of letter Challenge

 (side note I'm a little mean in this letter due to the situation that had happened I'm usually very sweet and won't say anything because I'm worried about hurting peoples feelings but DON'T CALL MY HUSBAND NAMES and think you can get away with it)
Day 6 a letter to a stranger

Dear Rude BYU fan,
    That basketball game would have been completely different for you and your family if you would have been nice to my husband.  I know that you came to save your seats in the student section and you just put your blanket down and than left.  My husband and I were there for almost the full 2 hours of waiting for the game to start and you didn’t even have the decency to show up until a minute into the game.  So we may have moved back your blanket to where we were sitting due to the fact that you weren’t there and no one was sitting with your things to wait for the game to start.  Instead of asking us nicely to switch seats because of your son and his hurting knee instead you called my husband a prick and yelled at him telling him he didn’t have the right to touch your things.  But in all honesty if we weren’t in Utah your stuff wouldn’t of have been there when you got back to enjoy the game.  Your wife and your little boy actually got better seats because they moved to the front row and you could of moved with them instead you just had to sit and bicker the whole entire game while we enjoyed the game.  Do I feel bad that we moved your stuff? NO actually because students do save seats but they sit and wait while their friends show up they just don’t take off once their things are down.  If everyone put blankets down and than left the Marriot Center wouldn’t be busy until game time when people would return to the seats they saved.  I’m sorry that the male stubbornness had to come out and you couldn’t enjoy the game but maybe you should think about it next time before you call someone a prick not everyone is LDS in Utah you might just end up in the hospital for calling someone a prick.

The people that moved your things