Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something Clever....

Oh wow March flew by... Sorry for the long waited blog. The internet has not been working for me when I'm home. But today is the day that it has decided to work for me. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately that I should just get a wireless card for my computer anybody have any suggestions for me on what company to go with to get one? So a lot has happened since the last blog. I got Brandon to take some pictures for me with our baby who is getting declawed on April 15th and I feel so bad for him I wouldn't want to get declawed but he needs to be because I have two scars already from him on both wrist if you cut me in half it would match exactly. I wanted to post these pictures because I love both of them so much! Becca and I went to the mall one Saturday and tried on clothes and had lots of fun and I promised her I would put the pictures up so here they are... well I'm waiting for it to upload. There it is!! Becca was wearing a scarf dress a vest and her clothes. Myself on the other hand tried on this weird looking shirt that had sleeves like on the side and than of course a white hat. We also went and tried on some sunglasses. While I'm waiting for it to upload Becca and I decided we would do the nerdy look hence the picture.

Brandon and I went up to Salt Lake City Temple to support our friend Erin while she went through the temple to receive her endowments. It was a fun day and I'm so glad that she invited us to be there it was so neat being able to go there and feel the spirit and be where the Prophet and the Apostles go weekly to receive guidance for us in these latter days. I'm so happy for Erin she is leaving this Wednesday to enter the MTC to go on her mission to San Antonio Texas. I'm so proud of her and I'm going to miss her so much she is a wonderful friend to me. Hanging out with me until 2 am just talking. Yeah that is what a true amazing woman she is and she is going to bless so many peoples lifes. Texas is going to be lucky to have her for the next year and a half. It is a good thing that sister missionaries are only gone for a year and a half because I don't think I could wait another two years for someone to come home. So my prayers are going to be with you Erin you truly are one of my best friends.