Friday, June 5, 2009


So last night my co-worker/friend Tina bought a Bump it you know the things that you see on t.v. So after work we decided to have a bump it party!!! It was lots of fun to just have a girls night. Well they kind of actually work with a lot of practice you just can't put it in and it instantly works. You get it after an hour okay not an hour maybe like twenty minutes. But it actually gives you a good bump in your hair. So last night was a fun night because we tried out a new product that you see on t.v. and it actually works. So today my hair is up in a bun but i got a nice little bump where I like to have a bump on my hair. This is something I wish I had for my wedding day for the bump we needed for the crown that was on my head. So that is the great excitement in my life.