Thursday, October 13, 2011

IT'S A...

Brandon and I we were going to wait for the 20 week ultrasound.  We thought our doctor would have had it earlier than the 26 of October.  Brandon asked if we could go up to the fetal studio on Friday to find out.  I mean we are a little curious about what we are having.  I said yes!  I dropped Brandon off at school went home and got on the website for the Fetal Studio.  There was a coupon for gender determination but it had to be used on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or a Thursday.  Brandon is really busy with school on Thursday.  I called Brandon 2 minutes before his last class to ask him if we could go after school and explained the coupon.  Brandon said yes!  So I called Fetal Studio to set up the appointment.  We went up to mall in Sandy we had an hour to use before our appointment.  I was hungry so we ate and while I was eating I hoped that the baby wouldn't fall asleep.  While we were eating I asked Brandon what we thought we were going to have he said Boy I said Girl.  We walked around the Hallmark store saw cute socks for little baby boys and girls.  6:00 came we went to the studio I had to fill out a sheet.  Than before I knew it I was on a bed looking at a T.V. and saw the first images of our little baby.  I started to cry our baby is really in my belly.  We looked at the baby looked at the face than this baby is kind of tilted.  We than saw our baby start moving all four limbs at once it was intense my baby is already trying to break free.  Than I heard him say "you got what you wished for a little girl" I was in shock I had him repeat it.  This time he said "yep little girl, no boy thing."  We watched as our little girl opened and closed her mouth, kicked her legs, and moved her arms.  She was moving like crazy and we were having a hard time counting all her fingers and toes she has them all.  We are so happy to be having another little girl.

Last Call


We Know!!! But we are going to let people guess one last time before we announce if it is a boy or girl.  But we are going to let you see the profile of our little baby to help you out!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Curious to what the two love birds have been up to since the last post???
Brandon is busy with school and work full time.  He is enjoying being in his program (special education) and happy that he can see the light at the end of the tunnel for school.

Me you know It's Me Jessica!!! I have been busy sleeping making a baby! Okay maybe I have been also enjoying sleeping.  I also have weird cravings as my boss puts it.  I may have a bag of beef jerky, sugar snap peas, and sour patch kids in front of me while I'm typing.  I don't see how that is weird they are all so yummy!  I have already had a little breakdown over my pants not fitting me.  But I sure do love wearing my new maternity pants that fit so comfy on me.  My energy has returned I don't have to take a nap on my break at work instead I go to wal-mart and get my weird food cravings.

Brandon and I have been doing a lot of things together when he is not busy at school that is.  We have gone bowling, shopping, and to football games together.  We won't mention the first home game that is one that we went to.  Dislike a certain band now and it is not BYU's band.  We went to the Utah State Game and had a wonderful time.  We were sitting 2 rows from the top and let me tell you that was a hike!  We were sitting next to a family and the parents were in the row in front of us and than their grown up kids were sitting next to Brandon.  They had two sons one was a BYU fan the other one and his wife were Utah State fans (my guess is that is where they were going to school), the parents were BYU fans.  Whenever Utah State would score the married couple would cheer and the parents would look back at them and they would be booing.  It was fun to watch this family interact with each other.  But the best part was watching BYU WIN within the last minute.  It was crazy being part of the crowd and cheering!!!  After the game we watched as the students rushed the field Brandon said they shouldn't of done that for the little brother school but I think he wanted to do it.  We than took our time getting out of the stadium and we wandered over to the victory bell to watch the MVP's of the game ring the bell.

Roasting pigs (Utah State), the students rushing the field, us in the nosebleed section) 9/30/2011

 Other exciting news with us and baby! I'm 18 weeks along now and it feels as if this pregnancy has gone by a little faster.  We go to see the doctor on Wednesday and hopefully we will be able to get the 20 week ultrasound done in the next week or so.  We are curious to know what we will be having boy or girl I will be happy with it being our baby.  I just would like a healthy baby!

More exciting news!!! Brandon and I have gone house hunting and I think we have found our perfect starter home.  We went up and down all the hills in Eagle Mountain and we have decided that the house of choice is in the city center.  We found a 5 bedroom 3 bath house that we just love.  We put in an offer today and we will know by Tuesday.  Hopefully soon we will be able to say we are house owners! I'm excited because if we get this house I will be able to start decorating the nursery for our little girl or boy.