Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

I have been slacking big time on this blog... I just have such a fun time with an almost two year old that I kind of put it on the back burner but I will try to do better.

     The day before Halloween Zoey was invited to her first Halloween party at her daycare.  I got her all dressed up in her little springtime garden fairy. Let me tell you something I found out trying to put face paint on a one year old by yourself doesn't work.  I tried really hard to just do vines by the side of her eyes with some little flowers. It was not happening every time I would go to start she would turn her head quickly. After the third time I gave up and found some of my makeup with sparkles in it so that she could have some sparkles on her face. I was thinking that I would just drop her off so that she could just have some fun with her friends. I decided I would stay so that I could see all the fun things she would be doing.  They started off by having her decorate her own pumpkin with stickers.  Zoey doesn't like stickers you would put it on the pumpkin and immediately she would pull them off and fold the two sticky pieces together.  After the pumpkin they had a little snack it was oranges, pineapple, and whip cream in a cup to look like a candy corn.  It was cute and I wish my camera didn't run out of batteries or I would have more than 1 picture. They than played don't eat pete every kid was able to take a turn.  When it was Zoeys turn she was not lost to the game smarties go in the mouth and she was grabbing every smartie and sticking it right in her mouth. They than then made another little craft a witches hat that they put stickers on I decorated it while Zoey went and played.  It was a fun little party and I needed to write about it before I forgot about it.
   On Halloween I had to run up to work to drop off a scarf for one on of my individuals costume.  On the way home we went to the dollar store and found last little things for her costume.  We got ready in the afternoon and we were all ready when Brandon got home.  We took a couple of pictures and than we went over to my parents first and visited and got a handful of candy from grandma and papa.  We than went over to Brandon's parents house and went trick or treating around their neighborhood.  Zoey got the hang of trick or treating she would say HI, THANK YOU, and BUH BYE.  Than start to run for the next house.  It was super super cute.