Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lifes Little Joys

   !!!I'M PREGNANT!!!

We found out that we were pregnant on July 7!!!  We just got done lighting some fireworks with our friends.  At midnight I asked Brandon if we could go to the store and buy a pregnancy test.  So it being midnight we ran to the Lindon Wal Mart thinking it will be a quick run in and grab it.  Nope not the case apparently everyone decided to go shopping for the week.  With only one checkout open I stood there in line holding the test.  I was just hoping that I wouldn't run into or see someone that I knew.  We got home and I was going to wait until the morning to take the test but because I held the test for so long in my hand it burned a hole into my mind just maybe I could be.  So at 1:00 in the morning I called Brandon into the bathroom because I couldn't believe my eyes it hadn't even been the whole 3 minutes and the positive line was as dark as the negative line.  When he came in I smiled and said were pregnant!!!

The due date for this little one is March 10, 2012 but this little one will be joining us before March 10.  We have discussed it with the doctors and with each other and I will be induced at 37 weeks.  I'm now going to be watched more with each pregnancy and with this one it will be an all new experience at 34 weeks we will be going in weekly for non-stress tests.  Which comforts me so much.  I'm now into my 2nd trimester and I still have days that I wonder if I truly am pregnant but than the good ol' morning sickness reminds me that I AM!