Monday, January 4, 2010

Photo Journal Entry

         Photo Journal Entry #2- January 3, 2010

Jared and Yowan

         I went over to my families house today for Sunday dinner.  This was taken before dinner.  I took this picture because my nephew yo yo loves his daddy so much while my brother was rocking yo yo to sleep he put his arm arond his daddy. 

Yowan climbing up to my b-day cake that my family gave to me.  I know there isn't 23 candles on the cake my mom didn't have enough.  My nephew Daden's bat mobile.  It was a yummy chocolate cake from costco so there is one picture of a birthday cake.

Photo Journal Entry #3- January 4, 2010

Our apartment got painted today and so I decided I would take a picture of this because I love the color on our walls.  Our second bedroom is going to be painted on Wednesday and they are painting it a light yellow.  They don't what color they are going to paint our room but I'm so excited.   I love it!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 23rd Birthday and the first photo of the New Year!!

        I'm on my way to reaching my goal well one day out of the new year I have not forgotten my goal yet.  Well It could be because my 23rd Birthday was the second day of the new year of course I'm going to have photo's.  But I didn't get a picture of my cake before we served it.  I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday so I worked the night before so I slept until noon and woke up to start enjoying my birthday!  Brandon gave me season 5 of Friends for my Birthday I now own all of the seasons yepee!!  I also got a Wii Monopoly game.  Brandon and I played a game of Monopoly before he took me out to dinner at Ruby River yum!  We than went to a BYU basketball game where two of our valuable players were sitting out but that is still okay because BYU won!!!  After the game Adam and Becca came over to our apartment to enjoy cake and ice cream and to play Wii Monopoly.  Adam bankrupted all of us so he was the lucky winner!  I had a really good day and I'm glad that I'm now 23!

Photo Journal Entry #1- January 2, 2010

Steak, Yam, and Veggies Plus homemade Root beer

          For my birthday we went to Ruby River and I got a yummy steak.   I have always celebrated my birthday with a steak dinner.  When I was younger it was our choice to pick anything for our birthday dinners I always had steak for my dinner.  So I'm just keeping my tradition going.  Steak is my absolute favorite food.

Birthday Dessert from Ruby River!

         I was really worried that when Brandon told them that it was my birthday I was going to get all the waiters and waitresses to come and sing Happy Birthday to me but... I picked a great place to eat because they don't do that.  They just bring out the dessert.  It was vanilla ice cream with a layer of carmel and than chocolate syrup with peanuts and whipping cream.  It was a good treat!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions!!!

So I'm only going to make a couple but this is my big one.  I'm going to do a photo journal and use my blog as the journal.  My plan is going to be take one picture everyday and write a little paragraph about what the photo means to me.  I have already taken one picture today but I'm going to wait to put that one up.  I will blog all my photos everyday and if not I will blog it once a week.  So here it goes to me taking pictures of 2010.  I read my friends blog and got this idea and thought it was a good idea.  This morning when I was writing my year in review I couldn't remember what I did all 2009 I remembered the major things but I couldn't remember the little things so my goal is to be able to remember 2010.... wish me luck!!!

what happened to 2009..............

JANUARY?  I turned 22 YAY go me!!!

FEBRUARY?  Got a table for Valentine's day.  My Aunt Jeanie died :( went up to her funeral and got to laugh as I got to hear great stories about her life and how much she will be missed.  Love you!!

MARCH? I'm guessing this is when I got to go see the dentist a lot :(

APRIL?  First time ever going to the Salt Lake Temple and got to enjoy it by being with Erin as she received her Endowment.

MAY?  1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!  We got to enjoy our Anniversary by going up to Salt Lake and staying at a B&B and going to the zoo and exploring Salt Lake City.  Also purchased tickets to New Jersey.  Also went apartment looking.

JUNE? Summer who doesn't love summer... it was a lot of late nights and hanging out with friends.  Bump It Party good times!!

JULY?  Moving into our new 2 bedroom apartment yay!!  Finding out we were pregnant!!!  Having a miscarriage not so great :(  I look forward to being a mom one day and knowing that the experience was a needed one.

AUGUST?  Oregon, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Virgina, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. So many states oh my my...  We had a great time on our trip August 15 Tim and Kelly tied the knot forever!!!  Getting to see where my husband was for two years was priceless...  Getting to know Lisa and Roy!!!

SEPTEMBER?  Beginning my new shift at work.

OCTOBER?  Adjusting to the new schedule at work.  Enjoying the time I have with Brandon.

NOVEMBER?  Brandon turning 23!!!  Thanksgiving!!!  Angie starting to talk about Santa the day of Thanksgiving and singing Christmas songs.  Getting to spend time with family.

DECEMBER?  Temple Square Lights, Family, Friends.  Gingerbread house making with Adam and Becca!!!  Making a December Calender with Adam and Becca also staying the night ha ha!!  Mom breaking her left arm so I get to go be an elf and wrap everyone's presents!!!  Christmas Morning getting to spend time with Brandon under the tree opening gifts.  I GOT A Wii but my favorite thing about Christmas was getting to share it with the ones I love.

Wow!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by I still feel like it is the middle of June but it is just snowing outside...  I enjoyed this year so much and I'm hoping that next year I will be saying the same thing!!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  LET'S WELCOME IN TWENTY TEN!!!!

☆☆░░░Happy New Year░░░☆☆