Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I think this is going to be the new thing every week to tell you about our little Zoey!

Let's start off with welcome to the terrible two's.  If you know Zoey she isn't really terrible she is a happy go lucky girl.  Well that being said we made her a toy room downstairs now that she is a pro at going up and down the stairs. yes she is now trying to down the stairs like mommy and daddy not scooting on the butt anymore.  Well this morning I was in my room still making the bed and what not i heard her go down the stairs i was okay with that.  When I went down to see what she was playing with she may have found her way into my scrapbooking/craft/office room.  Well mom has all these new toys and she dumped out two containers of different color paper brads. But at the end of the day which it is I just think I'm just glad one did not go up her nose.

Today she did get a new pair of her very own flip flops (hot pink) she saw them and said "SHOE" she absolutely loves shoes she plays with any shoe she can find mom/dad/cousins and it just goes on.  Time for another little story.  The person that watches Zoey her name is Cake (it suits her i don't know if it is a nickname or not).  I went to drop Zoey off and Cake was telling me that she had found Zoey's socks in the van and she couldn't figure out how that happened because she had her shoes on both times they had got her out of the van.  Well our little girl loves shoes so much she knows how to take them off and put them back on the right feet. She does this a lot with me when we are going out she gets bored and takes on and off her shoes while i'm driving and yells shoe at me.  Well she must have been really quiet and not wanting to say shoe because she probably didn't want to get the socks back on her.

  • Let it go (thanks frozen)
  • Go (she yells it at us when we are in her toy room)
  • Bless You (for coughing we are working on after the sneeze)
  • Here you go
  • Thank You (that isn't new she has been saying that since she was 1 but don't want to forget that is her favorite thing to say)
  • she also is trying to learn the song want to build a snowman (once again thanks Frozen)
  • she can count up to three ONE TWO THREE (she is now starting to count her toys)
  • all (for ball that is Zoey language)
  • flicking the light switch on and off (dad's pet peeve)
  • she can throw away her own stinky diaper away and puts her clothes in the dirty laundry and she hasn't thrown her clothes away yet and we hand her both things to go and do at the same time.
  • she loves to put dishes in the sink.  If you put something down on her plate while you are prepping food and you take it off and put it on another plate even if she has the same thing still on her plate she will come and take it from me.
  • she knows all the animal sounds but she won't make them unless you ask her you have to say what does the dog say and than she will make the noise.  I did hand her a play horse the other day and she did neigh.
  • when it is time to leave peoples houses be on the lookout she thinks you have to kiss everyone before leaving.
  • the other day I asked her what i had in my hand it was a flower so I said can you say flower and perfectly clear she said Flower than ran off.
That is it for now I can think of so many things but than if i write them all i might be here writing for hours!

I hope everyone has had a good little chuckle because everyday this little girl makes her mommy and daddy so happy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Zoey Sayings

I can't believe it my little baby is 2 years old.  For her birthday we took her bowling and she LOVED it!!!  Zoey would say Yay!!! and clap after she has pushed the bowling ball down the ramp.  For her first time bowling she scored in the 60's we have a bowling champ in the making.  Brandon and I went bowling for our first date and I scored a whole whopping 27 points! So I'm so proud of our little girl being able to score so well for her first time.

Well I just wanted to write down some of Zoey-isms! Before we forget them...

  • Where is she? (she covers her mouth when she says it)
  • There she is!
  • Where's dada, daddy?
  • she makes a mess... and than starts to sing Clean up Clean up.
  • she loves to pull out one wet wipe and clean up her dolls because they are stinky stinky stinky!
  • mama you ok?
  • Bubble Yuppies (bubble guppies), Bubble puppy
  • shoe
  • singing abc's and she loves to say QRZ!
  • walking around the house stomping saying QRZ!
  • eke for our dog Zeke
  • keke is both of our cats names even though this morning she was calling Baylee baby!
  • bye bye (she loves to sing a goodbye song)
 We are so amazed with our little girl she is so smart even though she speaks in her Zoey language but I want her to keep it because it amazes me how much I understand her language.