Sunday, October 14, 2012

Getting so Big

I can't believe it our little Zoey is going to be 8 months old this month.  I can't believe that 8 months ago I was holding our little girl in our arms and just cuddling with her.  Zoey is no longer content just hanging out in our arms for more than 2 minutes at a time.  Zoey has learned that there is so much to learn.  Like trying new foods she started eating solids in August starting with rice cereal, than she started getting the really yummy stuff avocados, peas, butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots.  My favorite face she has pulled was with beef and broth.  We have only given her that meat once because while it is one cute face it is also not fun to eat something you don't like.  Zoey has also been learning that she can roll over and sit up.  Zoey does so well with both she is now learning how to crawl she tries to just move being flat against the floor, than she does an amazing push up.  So she is getting there.  Zoey has also learned some sounds and when she cries she says "mama" it breaks my heart because she is crying but and the same time it is so sweet to hear "mama" come out of her mouth.  Zoey also has learned how to say "BA" I don't know what that is yet but she says it quite a bit.  For daddy she yells "ah" well you got to hear it but I think she thinks it means daddy.  Daddy and Zoey have "ah" yelling matches at each other and she gets the biggest smile when he "ah's" back at her.  I also was able to teach Zoey how to blow raspberries and it makes me laugh when she tries to blow raspberries on her toys.