Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One Year Closer to Eternity

-Mignon Mclaughlin 

I still can't believe how lucky I have been.  I have been so lucky to have been married for the last 5 years to my amazing husband.  I know that everyone brags about how lucky they are to have the most amazing man as their husband.  I'm not going to brag I'm just going to say that I'm so glad I'm lucky to have found the man that is the greatest for me.

I still feel like the 18 year old girl who looked up at the desk and just was amazed at the cute boy with the blue eyes.  I still look into his eyes like I did while we were dating and I was in the backseat of the van at work just starring at them through the rear view mirror.  I still feel my heart twittering because I couldn't wait until I could see him again and it still does.  I still feel like that girl who couldn't believe that he had asked me to be his girlfriend. (when he was avoiding dating anyone because he was going to leave on a mission)  I still remember that warm sunny day while I was sleeping my big sister asking me about the boy in the picture.

I now feel like that was a lifetime ago...

I still remember the day that I had to say goodbye to him so that he could go on a mission.  It was a hard day.

I remember those two years dragging on and rushing home to get the mail everyday to see if I would get a letter from him.

I remember watching him as he came down the escalator at the airport and my heart doing a flippy flop... and than the hug at the airport.. and how he cuddled me that night while watching Cars and how  he leaned down and kissed me.  Than when he left the room.. telling our friends that he had just kissed me.

I remember how two weeks after he got home we started talking about getting married.

The day he asked me to be his wife will always be one of my favorite days ever... even if I fell off the bed and rolled my ankle before our date.

I will always remember that day when May 22, 2008 when I said yes and saw our lives become one.  I can't believe that 5 years has passed.  We have gone through many trials so far in our marriage but they have only made us stronger.  Brandon is my best friend and my eternal companion I couldn't imagine life without him.  I love him more than anyone on this earth he makes me feel complete.  

  • we have moved 5 times from our homes to Provo to another apartment in Provo.  Provo to Pleasant Grove.  Pleasant Grove to Pleasant Grove.  Than Pleasant Grove to Eagle Mountain in our very own home.
  • we have 2 daughters Lexy De'anna and Zoey Margaret.
  • we have 2 cats Baylee and KeKe   

I know that it has been 5 years but it sure does feel like we have been together for an eternity.  I love you so much Brandon and Thank you so much for being my best friend and the best daddy to our daughters.