Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In honor of my 100th post


  1. BRANDON- must i need to explain he is my rock.  he is the love of my life and i'm so grateful for him and everything he has done for me.
  2. THE SAVIOR- He is also another rock in my life.  without Him we wouldn't have the chance to have an eternal family. 
  3. LEXY DE'ANNA WAITE- she has blessed our lives in so many ways.
  9. JOBS
  10. MUSIC
  20. well you get the point i could go on forever but i don't really want to...
Well I'm glad I have finally made it to the great 100 post hopefully I can continue on...

Day 17

Day 17-Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why:

who I would like to switch lives with for one day...

I would have to say...

my mom!!!

 why my mom because she is the most amazing mom I could ask for.  my mom has done so much in her life not only raising 7 children, but being a great daughter, sister, wife, and mother.  My mom moved from England when she was young to America and married my dad and raised her family.  My mom wasn't able to just go up to the street to see her mom when she needed a good cry or some advice on how to take care of a baby.  My mom did get the phone calls to her sweet dear mum and she also got to go visit her mum every couple of years.  My mom also was a stay at home mom until I started going to school and now my mom is a manager for two different departments in the company she works for.  My mom is also so very strong my mom has been living with cancer for the last couple of years.  You would never know that if you looked at her because she is so positive and looks so healthy.  My mom is also an amazing cook.  I love her so much and I would just love to see how she spends a day at a time.                                                                            

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 16

Day 16-Another picture of yourself:
so i thought it would be creative to take a picture of me blogging a photo of myself.  

Day 15

Day 15-Put your ipod or shuffle on-first 10 songs that play: 
  1. I'm Yours: Jason Mraz
  2. ooh-oh: Keri Noble
  3. Love Story: Taylor Swift
  4. Hold on: Colbie Caillat
  5. Gravity: Sara Bareills
  6. Ordinary Day: Vanessa Carlton
  7. You're Not Sorry: Taylor Swift
  8. Try Try: Rachel McCoye
  9. Breakeven: The Script
  10. Party in the U.S.A.: Miley Cyrus
  So I don't have my ipod with me I'm at the Provo Library once again blogging.  But I do have my phone and it does have Pandora Radio and I listen to the Colbie Caillat station.  Funny how there was only one Colbie Caillat song and two Taylor Swift songs.  I think the station should be changed to the Taylor Swift station.  So if you haven't heard of Pandora Radio you should totally look it up it is a free radio station on the internet and you can listen to any band you like.  It make mixes based on the type of music the band plays.  The best thing it introduces you to bands you have never heard of.  So thank you Pandora for being there when I really need you.  Well there it is for day 15.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Ending of an Era (for me at least)

I have been reading the Louise Rennison series about Georgia Nicolson and tonight I finished the last book. I started reading these books in high school and the last book came out recently. I have had many laughs with these books. All I have to say is that it had a happy ending no crying at all.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 14

Day 14: A picture of you and your family:
Jessica, Lexy, Brandon
Jessica Brandon
and the newest member of the family 

(we got her from my sister Laura and her Husband)

Day 13

Day 13-A letter to someone who has hurt you recently:

Dear whoever,
Nobody has hurt me lately and so I'm not going to be writing a letter to anyone instead I figured I would give a random letter to someone.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 12

Day 12: How you found out about blogger & why you have one?:

I can't remember how I found out about blogger it was over two years ago and my love for it has grown.

I have a blog because I like writing and I like writing about my life.  I find it relaxing to write things down and get it out of my head.  If I don't write for a while I feel a big stress bubble around me.  I do know that I started blogging on myspace and than I gave up on myspace and didn't want to blog on there.  I also didn't want to blog on facebook so I think I just typed in blogging.  Yeah I think that is how it went. I blog because it is basically my journal I forget to write things down in my journal but when I get on the blog and go back to see what I have written about my life it makes me happy.  I love blogger because I can keep up with all my friends and see what they are doing in their life.

Day 11

Day 11-Another picture of you and your friends:

 My mom I wish I had a picture of us together but I can't seem to find one I will have to make that another goal to get a picture with me and my mom.  We have lots of fun together she takes me out for lonely only child day outs, we also go shopping, we go to games, and the best days of all are when I get to go and lay in bed with her and just cuddle I love my mommy so much.

My daddy he is always there for me I love him so much and I'm so grateful for everything he has taught me in my life.  My dad is such a gentle giant he gives the best hugs and he is always there when you need him.
I love you daddy.

My sister Laura and her two wonderful daughters.  They are some of my favorite friends ever.  We have lots of fun together.  I love you all.
Also check out my other friends.

Mary the Mother of Christ

    I have been selfish lately asking myself WHY ME? WHAT DID I DO?  WHY DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS PAIN?...

I have thought about the Savior and the atonement a lot lately but I haven't thought of His sweet dear mother Mary.  Not a lot of the time do we think about the pain that she has gone through.  Mary had to watch as her son Jesus Christ was tormented until the people had killed Him.  I have never really thought of the pain Mary went through until today.  I went to the Provo Library and I was looking at a book Reflections of Christ by: Mark Mabry.  In this book under the picture titled Decent it is the scene with the Crucifixion and you just see the pain of Mary in the picture.  Mary lost her Son the Son of God and had to go through a worse pain of knowing who her Son was.  I know He came to comfort her.  But I know just a little of this heartbreak that she went through.

Mary has to be one of the greatest women on earth to have such an honor to have her Son be also the Son of God.  Mary agreed to this is in the premortal life and said Yes, I can do this and I'm willing to be the mother of our Savior.  Mary knew she could handle the pain but knew of the great blessings to follow.

I agreed just like Mary did that I could go through a trial of loosing a child because I knew the blessings that would come if I gave these two sweet spirits of mine bodies.  The Savior came to comfort me when I lost Lexy and I know He is up there with my children watching over them as they watch over me and cheer for their mom and dad to make it back to be with them.

So I will still have some pity days but I will also need to remember the mother of Christ and know how strong she was.  With the Christmas season coming close we need to remember the whole entire life of Christ and all the lives and billions of souls He has saved and has always been here for us.

Day 10

Day 10: songs you listen to when your happy, sad, mad, and hyped:

Anything by glee I'm a gleek. Free fallin' by Tom Petty, Lady GaGa (certain songs) also I think glee sings her songs better. Also I love listening to Disney songs.

Usually when I'm sad church songs are usually playing. Calm music that makes me cry because everyone needs a good cry.

I have one cd that I put in and I have to be driving to listen to it I won't listen to it in our house it is Limp Bisket greatest hits after the first three songs I'm usually calm. Mainly because the first three songs expresses everything I'm feeling.

A lot of music it is hard to pin point it anything which is upbeat.

I'm adding more categories.

Listen to in the car=
Jason Mraz I'm Yours, Taylor Swift, the 80's, Beyonce, the all american rejects.

The 80's, anything to dance to I dance a lot when I clean.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


We got a chance to go to the BYU vs. UNLV football game we had fun cheering on our team. It was a good game I'm glad they let Jake Heaps use his arm finally. Well we had fun. We left before UNLV scored their touchdown but this is a better score.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 9

Day 9-Something you're proud of in the past few days:
i learned how to play golf today well not really i learned to hit the golf ball and i also played 9 holes.  
i also made a ice cream cake for the first time last night and it was pretty good.
i have been reading about the early prophets of the church and i'm learning a lot of things.

Day 8

Day 8-Short term goals for this month and when you'll accomplish them:
  • my photography blog i want to be able to publish more posts with my pictures. 
  • i also want to learn more about editing pictures.
  • i also would like to save more money to get to my long term goals which are going to an online school, get a nice camera and a my own computer.
  • also a personal scripture goal i need to start reading my scriptures more often than i do now.  My goal is to read them every night.
  • i also would like to finish this goal on my blog to get this 30 day challenge done
So there are my goals hopefully I will be able to get some of my goals completed.

Day 7

Day 7-A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you:
The greatest husband in all of the world Brandon Waite sorry girls he is taken.  We have gone through so much within these last two years and I couldn't think of anyone else would be this great.  I love him so much and it his 24th birthday today so my blogs are going to be short.

Day 6

Day 6-Favorite super hero and why:


Superman is my favorite superhero because if I could have a superpower I wish it could be to fly.  I also love how he goes into a phone booth with his normal clothes and than comes out in his super hero outfit. 

(I don't think I'm going to get this challenge done in 30 days oh well)