Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have bragging rights


I won bragging rights to the MARCH MADNESS BRACKET CHALLENGE!  This was the first one I have ever done.  I didn't research the teams.  I had BYU and DUKE going to the final championship game so I did win with that.  How you say well the beginning rounds I picked less upsets and than the second round I picked more upsets.  Brandon had Kansas and Ohio St. going to the championship game.  They kind of lost making me the winner.  If they had gone to the championship game I would have lost.  So Brandon and I both have a win-win situation.  I got a Nook and with the leftover prize money we went and bought a Xbox 360.  So the Waite Bracket Challenge is over and we are now enjoying our new toys.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Jersey, New York, Philly

I was going through my blog list and I saw that some were missing...
so this blog was made in 2009 and it was blogged but blogger kicked it off my blog archive so it is back.

WARNING: LONG BLOG AHEAD  (not really just a lot of pictures from our trip and explanations)

This is us before we got to the Washington Monument on our third day of the trip.  I became a true tourist at this point I bought a hat had a water bottle and of course a CAMERA.

So in this photo there is a piece of the WORLD TRADE CENTER the Eagle is carrying it on his legs.  This was in New Jersey this little park was a memorial of 9/11 when you walk up to this piece there is a time line of what happened on that day.

This is Lisa and Roy we stayed with them while we were out in New Jersey they love each other see.  They were amazing people and I'm so glad I got the time to meet them.  Lisa is now my second mom named Lisa but she is my New Jersey mom.  My first mom that is Lisa is my cousin who lives in England.

The Absecon Lighthouse Atlantic City, N.J.
I climbed all the way to the top and because I was so tired I forgot to take pictures of the view but I got a little card saying that I climbed up it.

Ha Ha this is where I tripled the 10 dollars I was allowed to gamble with.  Brandon lost all of his 10 dollars but I got it back by winning 40 dollars.

The street sign says States Ave.  Atlantic City is where Monopoly is based off so I just took a few of the signs because they are all over town.  Plus you can see the lighthouse in the background.

Lisa and Roy took us to a minor league baseball team before we got there it was down pouring because Hurricane Bill was coming...  I loved the sunset so that is what I was taking the picture for but got the team we were rooting for in the picture while they were stretching (I got a picture of their backside woops.)

New York Pizza Pie
That was my lunch the day we went into New York City.

We weren't able to go because it was a Saturday but I figured I would take a picture of it since I love watching it.

The Artist who drew Brandon and I drew us as characters we took a break while it was raining to sit under their umbrella's.

We walked past but we didn't have enough time to go in it would of been great if we could have gone to the top but it costs money sad day.

Our way back from the day in the NYC we took the train from New Jersey.

Brandon and I got the chance the day before we left to go to the Statue Of Liberty.  You only get to walk around it unless you plan ahead a couple of months but it was still great to see.


My favorite place now for ice cream/slushy.  We went there a lot of times while we were out there it is pretty much AMAZING!!!



That is pretty much the summary of the trip we had a great time and we were glad we got the chance to go out there and see most of the people Brandon taught or became great friends with in New Jersey.

Now for the final day of our trip...





We choose Pat's Steaks.
This is where you get a real Philly cheese-steak or at the other place Geno's.  There is a feud between these two places they fight over who makes the BEST Philly cheese-steak.

Friday, March 25, 2011

have you watched it?

Have you watched the video?  You know the one the one that blogger has posted on your dashboard.  It is time for new changes to come to blogger and I'm quite excited about it.  I wonder what day it will happen I wonder if I will see the change from one day to the next.  It looks like blogger will be a little easier to use.  I'm so excited for it so you know you want to watch the video...

I even made it easy just press play.
  or even go here to read the changes...

It is just that simple. 

I'm impressed how about you?

What are you doing this weekend?


    i'm so excited last year was the first year that i went and i had a blast!  this year the group of people i'm going with will be doubled so a group of four!  my friend cory, her friend, and my friend janine.  it will be a blast!!!
so what is this festival of colors and why am i way excited for it.  this is the only time you can throw color powder at someone and not get in trouble for it.  it also is the way to welcome spring by letting the colors go 
free to color the world.  yeah this is the second post about it but i'm so excited about it. i hope that the weather gets better so that we can enjoy the sun and the warm weather on saturday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are you Ready for Spring???

Brandon and I did spring cleaning on our car this afternoon.  Cleaned out all the stuff that accumulates in a car during those cold winter months.  We than went to the land of Wally World a.k.a Wal-Mart and bought some flowers, veggies (peas and cilantro), and some pots for them.  When we got home and started working on planting our flowers and veggies.  Our awesome landlord saw that we were planting and offered us a little dirt patch if Brandon would put in some concrete blocks.  Brandon now has a project to work on and I could see that he was really excited to do a little project.  For right now we have some flowers in our flower pots and as soon as our little patch of dirt that will turn into our little garden. I'm so excited to be able to plant some flowers and some veggies this summer!!!

and on a side note this Saturday is FESTIVAL of COLORS will you be there???

 I will be there with my two great friends!

Monday, March 21, 2011


My co-worker was telling me about one of her extra credit assignments she could do for a class that she was taking.  The assignment was to do this Love Dare a 40 day challenge in secret so that they could report on how their spouse had responded to this dare.  When she was telling me about it she was on Day 20.  My co-worker has been married for almost 30 years she went on break after telling me about it.  My co-worker was 20 minutes late and she was told me the reason why she was late because she saw that her husband had fallen asleep on the couch and that she went to get the bed ready for him so when she woke him up to go to bed he would be going to the bed ready for him.  It is a dare that you do an act of random kindness for your spouse.  Well she went to wake him up so that he could go to bed and she said she couldn't get out the door he was thanking her and saying I love you so much and I have been loving you so much more lately.  I asked if I could see the book and I read a couple of the pages and they were all good dares.  I thought I would take this dare and do it in secret who doesn't want a stronger marriage???  I had been doing it for a couple of days when Brandon started pestering me about it.  He was asking if I was doing something for my blog and if it was a challenge.  I finally told him a little bit about the Love Dare but not what I had been doing with the dares.  I went on a quest to find the movie that is the companion basically to the book The Love Dare the movie is called Fireproof.  Cheesy acting all the way through but it sends out a good message.

  I can honestly say for the last week or so I'm not going to share what day I'm on I have seen a change in our marriage and it is for the better.

If you are interested in doing a challenge and strengthen your marriage you can go to this website and you can get the book for free you just have to go through the archives.  The Pleasant Grove Library also has a copy but for right now I'm borrowing it. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

and the March madness continues...

After the first round of all the basketball games...  I was ahead for awhile but than he came back and now we are tied.  So the competition is still on.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


got to find someone to pinch....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings

   I love daylight savings and here are some reasons why...
  • I work an hour less!!!
  • It means SPRING is on its way!
  • There is more SUN during the day!!!
  • Warmer weather is on its way!!!
  • I can start a little flower garden in the next couple of weeks!!!
  • RAINBOWS are going to be out and about!



    They have announced where everyone stands in the bracket.  BYU IS NUMBER 3.  Brandon and I this year are doing our own little bracket challenge together as a couple.  We have printed off our brackets and we have until Tuesday to fill them out and make them the way we want them.  Our plan is to go out to dinner on the championship night and sit and watch the game together.  Whoever wins the challenge gets to go on a little shopping spree their choice of which store they would like to get something from.  I'm doing this so I won't go crazy with all the basketball that is going to be on for the next couple of weeks.  I think it will be a fun little activity to do together and I'm actually excited to have a friendly competition going on with each other. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


or so Brandon said I was...

tonight when we sat down to watch the BYU VS. NEW MEXICO game.
I just didn't want to watch New Mexico beat BYU again...  nothing wrong with that.

By half time Brandon and I were back into the swing of things...
guessing how many points the JIMMER was going to have.
Brandon guessed 50
I guessed 53
JIMMER guessed he would meet us in the middle with 52.
Lesson learned never doubt the BYU TEAM or THE JIMMER!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It is MARCH so you know what this means...  I have lost my hubby to watching basketball not just BYU but ALL the BASKETBALL GAMES on.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mum came back

  My mum came back from England and with that she brought back pictures of the time I went to England.  My mum also brought back some other goodies.  Thank you mum.  In this picture I'm at Lyme Park.  Lyme Park is where they filmed Mr. Darcy's house in the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice.
Mr. Darcy's house
   Thank you to my cousin Lisa for all the photos that she took for me while I was staying with her 6 years ago.
Dunham Massey
In the Garden of Dunham Massey.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something you probably didn't see at the BYU game today!!!

This was at today's BYU basketball game!!! The student section got up and had a dance for our Seniors leaving the team this year.  It was so much fun to do!


One of my many favorite holidays is this month.  I'm so excited for this holiday because it means that spring is on its way.  Just thought I would change my background for this holiday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lifes enjoyable moments