Thursday, November 26, 2009


So for the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about what I'm thankful for and I decided I would share my list of everything I'm thankful for.

  • BRANDON-  He is the love of my life.  I'm so grateful for him and all things he does for me.  I truly love him.
  • FAMILY-  I love my family and I'm so grateful for family in my life.
  • FRIENDS-  I love all of my friends they are all awesome
  • MY JOB-  I'm very grateful for the fact that I have a job that gives me great benefits.
  • OUR HOME-  I'm so grateful to have a roof over our head and that we can afford to live in such a great apartment.
There is just a couple things I'm grateful for and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Jersey, New York, Philly

WARNING: LONG BLOG AHEAD  (not really just a lot of pictures from our trip and explanations)

This is us before we got to the Washington Monument on our third day of the trip.  I became a true tourist at this point I bought a hat had a water bottle and of course a CAMERA.

So in this photo there is a piece of the WORLD TRADE CENTER the Eagle is carrying it on his legs.  This was in New Jersey this little park was a memorial of 9/11 when you walk up to this piece there is a time line of what happened on that day.

This is Lisa and Roy we stayed with them while we were out in New Jersey they love each other see.  They were amazing people and I'm so glad I got the time to meet them.  Lisa is now my second mom named Lisa but she is my New Jersey mom.  My first mom that is Lisa is my cousin who lives in England.

The Absecon Lighthouse Atlantic City, N.J.
I climbed all the way to the top and because I was so tired I forgot to take pictures of the view but I got a little card saying that I climbed up it.

Ha Ha this is where I tripled the 10 dollars I was allowed to gamble with.  Brandon lost all of his 10 dollars but I got it back by winning 40 dollars.

The street sign says States Ave.  Atlantic City is where Monopoly is based off so I just took a few of the signs because they are all over town.  Plus you can see the lighthouse in the background.

Lisa and Roy took us to a minor league baseball team before we got there it was down pouring because Hurricane Bill was coming...  I loved the sunset so that is what I was taking the picture for but got the team we were rooting for in the picture while they were stretching (I got a picture of their backside woops.)

New York Pizza Pie
That was my lunch the day we went into New York City.

We weren't able to go because it was a Saturday but I figured I would take a picture of it since I love watching it.

The Artist who drew Brandon and I drew us as characters we took a break while it was raining to sit under their umbrella's.

We walked past but we didn't have enough time to go in it would of been great if we could have gone to the top but it costs money sad day.

Our way back from the day in the NYC we took the train from New Jersey.

Brandon and I got the chance the day before we left to go to the Statue Of Liberty.  You only get to walk around it unless you plan ahead a couple of months but it was still great to see.


My favorite place now for ice cream/slushy.  We went there a lot of times while we were out there it is pretty much AMAZING!!!



That is pretty much the summary of the trip we had a great time and we were glad we got the chance to go out there and see most of the people Brandon taught or became great friends with in New Jersey.

Now for the final day of our trip...





We choose Pat's Steaks.
This is where you get a real Philly cheese-steak or at the other place Geno's.  There is a feud between these two places they fight over who makes the BEST Philly cheese-steak.  I think that Pat has away with making me a good cheese-steak.




Out with the old in with the new/early Christmas present

So for the last couple of months... a lot of things have been breaking down on us which is sad.  We got a computer from Brandon's mom and that got attacked with viruses before we could get a program on the computer.  That is where all my trip photos are.  That is why there have not been more photos up of our trip.  But the MOST IMPORTANT thing in the apartment broke down on me.  THE DISHWASHER.  I was so excited to get it because I hate washing dishes by hand.  So I wanted to blog about in with the new and out with the old but needed pictures so I just went and took some pictures forgetting that my memory card has all the trips photo's woops...  I am now importing them all to the Laptop hopefully Brandon doesn't mind it is only 920 pictures. 

So there is the old dishwasher... that I was so excited about and than it died a month after we moved in.


Here is the new dishwasher it still in the box sad day we have to wait for the managers to come and hook it up but there it is in all its glory BRAND NEW DISHWASHER!

So for now our dishwasher is still our HANDS!!!

Here is the new dishwasher...

It sure is quiet we love it!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Turning 23!!!!

Brandon's Birthday was on the third... and it was an eventful day!!!  When Brandon and I were in Washington D.C. we both agreed that the trip was our birthdays for the year.  So when it came time for Brandon's birthday he was saying it didn't exist.  So October 31st I went shopping with my friend Becca for his birthday gifts.  I told Brandon I was doing a girls day out and I didn't tell him where we were going.  I told Brandon when I got home that we went window shopping.  Becca was amazing she kept the gifts at her home and wrapped them for me.  So Tuesday morning came around Brandon had to go to a Jr. High for one of his college classes and during that time I did the normal house chores.  When Brandon got home I asked him if he would like to go out to dinner.  So we went to Wingers for his birthday dinner.  We than went to Smith's I told Brandon that I needed to get a Birthday Candle for his Birthday Desert because he didn't want a birthday gift.  I was going to put a birthday candle on a Reese's and light it but I couldn't find the birthday candles... so I had to get the candles that were the numbers 2, and 3.  While I was walking to check out I saw a lemon bunt cake and Brandon loves the flavor lemon so I thought it was meant to be.  So we went home.  Than Adam and Becca showed up to watch a movie.  In Becca's hands were Brandon's gift.   Adam and Becca got him a new game which we are excited to play next game night at our house.  Than it was my turn for the gifts I got Brandon. I got him 3 Cd's the first one he opened was Micheal Jackson...  the second one he opened was Metallica  he said that one was his favorite... until he opened the last one which was Def Leopard he loves it that is all we listen to in the car now.  I also got him a blue sweater that looks very cozy and warm I got it in dark blue so that he can wear it to his BYU football games.  Than Marcia came over and wished him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of his family.  Marcia couldn't stay to watch the movie with us because she is a busy college student and has class at 9.  Brandon or should I say Becca chose to watch Blades of Glory.  But before we watched the movie I got out the bunt cake and put the candles on top and than we sang happy birthday to Brandon.