Sunday, December 20, 2009

My year in FACEBOOK status!!!

 (sorry I know the writing is small but is also on Facebook)

The picture says it all with what I have done this last year some big milestones but I will talk about when it is closer to New Years but I thought this is a good reminder that I have already had a wonderful year and yet there is still two more weeks of this GREAT YEAR so LET'S MAKE THE BEST OF IT!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009



So today was the day that I finished most of my Christmas shopping well most of it... I still have to buy some stocking stuffers but that is the easy part.  So while I was on my last shopping trip by myself the store that I shall not name that I was going to I was waiting for a cute little old lady to back up so I could get her parking spot.  This cute little old lady pulled out so that she could see me and waved for me to go around her.  I wanted the spot so I just pointed to the spot and I couldn't go around her because there was a car waiting for her to get going.  Anyways I got the spot but it made me think that I'm glad that this was my last store I had to go to and that I would be done with buying Christmas Presents...


It is our second Christmas together as a married couple and we have been wanting to make up some Christmas traditions that we could start so that when we have a little family we will know what to do instead of just guessing what we should do.  We decided last year that we would buy a village piece set like a house each year.  We have kept that tradition going and we added figurines this year because we had a little bit more money to play with and we hit all the sales of the village piece sets and the figurines which was really nice.  We go to our families on Christmas and we wanted to start a Christmas Eve tradition so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for us.  My favorite thing to do is go look at lights on houses on Christmas Eve so we have one thing going for us already.  I also want to turn off the lights on Christmas Eve and light some candles and read the story of Christ's birth since that is while we celebrate this time of year.  Also talk about the great gifts He has given us.  So I'm up for any cool traditions?