Friday, January 2, 2009

Last Year New Year!!!

So its the beginning of 2009 and I forgot to do the top ten things that I enjoyed about 2008 so here it goes...

  • TURNING 21- I'm not that big of a party animal but I did enjoy turning 21 it was a big year for me.
  • BRANDON COMING HOME!!- Brandon came home from his mission on February 21st and I will never forget the anticipation I felt waiting for him at the airport. Oh yeah and hours after being released he kissed me :)
  • MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!!!- Brandon was so sweet he decorated Janine's parents back yard with lights and blind folded me and took me there and asked the question.
  • RECEIVING MY ENDOWMENTS!!!- What a great experience.
  • GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!- I had a great time planning the reception with my mom. I loved being able to go to the temple and getting married and sealed for all time and eternity to the man I love. Having my mom with me to get ready to get married and than her helping me put on my wedding dress.
  • WORK- Getting a new individuals and the challenges that come with...
  • GAME NIGHTS!- What can I say they were so much fun.
  • VACATIONS!!- Yes even though they were only up to Midway but they were an adventure every time we went up there.
  • FAMILY!!!!- Lots of new family this year. All of Brandon's family which I have come to know and love. Two nephews being born Yowan Heaps what a cutie pie born in August the great yo-yo of the family. Zach who is Marci's third son and fourth child his cute hair and the fact that he was born on Angie's birthday in October how special he is to be born on someones birthday who is so fun to be around.
  • FRIENDS!!- Meeting new people and having such a great time with them.
It was a great year last year and I hope that 2009 will also be a great year for everyone as well as me.