Saturday, March 27, 2010


So today was a day to celebrate the beginning of spring.  Well down in Spanish Fork Utah yes Utah and yes that is in Utah County they have the Holi festival of colors.  I heard about it my senior year and I have waited for a day I could go and today was the day thanks to my friend Cory who was inviting people to go with her to the color festival I said yes because in five years I had a Saturday open.  It was a great experience to learn of another culture and I have decided that this would be a great thing to do every year to celebrate spring.  They are all about love.  When we were there they had a little concert and they talk about why they have this celebration.  Well anyways the guy up on the stage said something that has stuck with me "Love vertically and horizontally" meaning Love God vertically and Love your fellow beings I think that is the most important thing that we should be doing they are commandments right?  It was just a great experience and I hope that I will be able to do this again next year.  Here are some pictures that Cory took I'm so thankful for them because I couldn't find my camera but right when I got home I found it.                                   

So this is the color chalk it is all organic so I didn't breathe in anything bad for the baby.   So you throw this chalk up in the air and just let it fall more pictures of that later.

This is just Cory and I playing with the colors before the color festival actually begins.  This is me starting to get messy.

This is where the color festival happens and this is only maybe a quarter of the size of the crowd.  It was packed but it was tons of fun.

  So the next picture is right after the color cloud happened.  What they have us do is count down from 20 and than everybody throws their colors up in the air.

 Cory and I still in the middle of the crowd and yes everyone is still celebrating it is just one big party.

This is me outside of the crowd and I had to put on my sunglasses to show how what they looked like I had them on in the crowd so that I had eye gear but they really didn't work out so well I was blinded.  If you look really closely you can see my baby bump!  Love you baby!

This is my friend Cory and yes she wears glasses and they didn't protect her either she was blinded also in the crowd.

I had such a fun day getting to hang out with my friend Cory and welcoming spring.  Today was a beautiful day and I could think of no other way of spending today.  So thank you to my friend Cory for inviting me to this great event.