Wednesday, August 28, 2013

just living life

I have been lost to the blogging world for awhile now... I have picked up some new hobbies like playing with Zoey chasing her while she runs.  I also have started scrapbooking with real pictures, paper, embellishments (the swag) and all that.  I love it!  I feel so at peace when I'm listening to music and creating the pages that one day will make up a complete scrapbook for Zoey. I'm going to actually start back tracking and try to make a scrapbook for Brandon and I good thing I did keep this blog. It probably helps that I have a couple of tables that I have set up just for my scrapbooking makes it much easier.  I have a little place set up for Zoey so she can color and play in my room while I'm trying to complete some pages.  I love it!

I can't believe that summer is almost over we did a couple of things like a fourth of July bbq with my family it was simple and lots of fun.  We also went up to a bbq up in Ogden with my friends from my childhood and watched lots and lots of fireworks. We went to the splash pad a couple of times. Zoey started going to daycare and she loves it! Zoey and Brandon have been able to go over on Sundays to his parents house and enjoy family time.  I have been able to go a couple of times while the whole family is there.  We just had the Heaps annual rib fest and it was super yummy.  Zoey loved eating her first rib she kept going up to the table that the ribs were on grabbing one and running off. Zoey got one of the spicy ones and after taking a bite she dropped it on the ground and started wiping her tongue with her hand.  Zoey loved playing with her cousins she would push them around on the tricycle and than be a little dare devil and stand on it.  The kids found a dolly and started taking turns getting pushed around on it.  Zoey watched them and when they were done playing Zoey went and sat on it and daddy pushed her around she loved it!  It was so much fun to be there.

After a year and a half of living in our home we have got up our family wall it is on the stairs wall and I'm so proud of it.  It turned out the way I imagined it. I have finally hung up some pictures in our room and it feels a little bit more like home.  I really want to start painting some walls around my house.  I'm starting to save up for DIY projects. I'm excited! Were hoping with this next years tax return we will have some money to be able to remodel our kitchen.  We are also planning on finally being able to landscape our yard and make a backyard next spring.  I hope so because I would really love to start being able to make this home OUR home the way we see it can be.

Brandon graduated and got a job!!! Brandon is teaching at Providence Hall Charter school up in Herramin.  So far he has been enjoying it.  I'm so proud of him it has taken him 5 years to finally start teaching and it is so nice to see him relaxed and enjoying what he loves to do.

Lexy's 3rd birthday was last Friday.  We were on our way home from visiting her and I was still really missing my little girl.  We stopped at the gas station I went back outside to ask Brandon a question and that is when I saw the most amazing double rainbow that was so clear that you could see the lines of where the colors started you also could see the ends of both sides.  I walked back over to the car and told Brandon to look at the rainbow.  Brandon on the way home looked over at me and said you know that rainbow was special to us right?! of course I knew that but it was so nice to hear Brandon say it. We always see a rainbow on little Lexy's birthday. Rainbows are a special to us.  Lexy wore a rainbow outfit that everyone met her in.  So whenever our family sees rainbows it is usually when we are missing her the most.  We take pictures of them and either text or call that we had just seen a rainbow.  To me when I see a rainbow I know it is a promise of love and that I will never have to loose another baby.  My sister Laura about 6 months ago put a request in for her company they pick one charity a month to donate money by doing a lunch to a charity. My sister put in the request for FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation.  FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation is a young charity almost 3 years old.  The couple who started it their first baby was also a stillborn. They started it to help families who would loose their babies also unexpectedly and help out with funeral costs and all that. They also make bracelets that say forever on them one for the baby and one for mom. The first family they helped was a friend of ours. They helped this family out so much and I'm so grateful to them for it.  Well anyways my sister a couple of weeks ago found out that FlutterBy was nominated for the month of August. Than a week later she found out it was going to be on the 23rd Lexy's birthday.  I cried when I saw the post on facebook and I'm still tearing up.  My daughter got to have a pizza party with her aunt on her birthday.  The company raised so much money for them.  My daughter even though she isn't her still has the most amazing influence.  Laura also said she got a call from her friend on the 23rd saying that they just had their little girl and they were going to name her Lilly but when they saw her they said she looks like a little Lexy.  So another little girl born on the same day shares the same name as my precious daughter.  My daughters 3rd birthday was a day of miracles and I'm so happy about that!

anyways that is what has been going on with us.  just wanted to put out a little update for everyone