Thursday, November 22, 2012



    I'm so grateful for many things and I know I can't name them all but believe me I'm so grateful.  This year I have so much to be thankful for we moved into our first house we had our beautiful baby girl Zoey. So in tradition here comes my 10 things I'm grateful for.

  1. BRANDON- He is truly an amazing husband to me.  He has been here for me a lot this year he stayed over night in an uncomfortable hospital room not only 2 nights but 3 nights this year to be with me.  I rely on him so much and I don't know what I would do without him.  He is an amazing dad to our little girl.  I just love watching them play together.  I love to see the smile on his face when she is staring into his eyes and hearing her say "da da".
  2. OUR GIRLS- ZOEY- she is such a great joy and a wonderful blessing to us.  Each day we never take for granted this little girl.  We have enjoyed watching her grow. LEXY- for being our precious sweet angel and being a guardian angel to her little sister.  We love both of our daughters so much.
  3. FAMILY- this year we added three new babies into our family. Zoey, Declyn, and Savannah.  I love them all so much.  Our family is a one of a kind family and we love them oh so much.  This year I'm grateful for everything that has happened in my life I wouldn't change a thing because it has made me who I am.  I'm so very grateful to my family for being there for me when I needed them the most 2 years ago the day Lexy was born.  It was a sad day but I'm so glad that my family and friends were able to come and get me to smile and to laugh while I was holding her in my arms.  I'm so happy to know that Lexy knew my laughter, my voice, my heartbeat from inside and knows how much I love her.  I'm so grateful for little miss Zoey for being such a happy, loving baby who is getting bigger everyday and learning new things all the time.  Like saying mama and dada they are the best sounds to hear.  I'm grateful for my mom she has been such a wonderful mum.  I'm grateful for my sister Laura she is one of the kindest most loving person I know.  I'm so grateful that we have been able to be pregnant twice together.  When I was little I thought all my babies were going to be the youngest cousins in the family but they aren't they have cousins the same age I'm so grateful for that.
  4. OUR HOME- We moved into our home at the end of January and we have enjoyed having our own place.
  5. OUR JOBS- I'm so grateful to have a job that can provide for our family and have insurance.
  6. FRIENDS- we have some really great friends and were so thankful for them.
  7. OUR SAVIOR- He is so amazing and we are so grateful for His love.
  8. HEAVENLY FATHER- He is the reason we are so grateful for everything.
  9. SMILES AND LAUGHTER- life would just be so dull if you couldn't laugh and smile they are one of the greatest expressions.  I love walking into Zoey's room after she has been asleep and seeing the biggest smile on her face.  I love seeing Brandon smile at his little girl and at me.
  10. PEOPLE YOU HARDLY KNOW BUT THEY MAKE YOUR LIFE CHANGE: These last two years I have been taking my mom to Utah Valley Hospital to get her treatment.  In that time we have met such wonderful people with the biggest hearts and the positive attitudes.  This year I had only met him a couple of times but within those couple of times he had changed the way to view life.  He found out he had cancer a week before he came home from his mission.  He had an emergency surgery for his appendix  in a third world country and that is when they found tumors.  His story was an amazing story to hear.  You could feel how much he loved everyone.  We were with him for his last treatment and he said I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of my life I'm at peace.  Mom and I went to his memorial and for somebody that I only knew a couple of times I felt the amazing feeling of how he is in a better place and not in pain.  It was very clear how much he enjoyed his life hearing his best friend speak, his mission president speak, and his mom speak.  He only knew my name and I knew his and we shared stories when we were there and to me I'm so grateful to have only a couple of hours of knowing him but knowing that he helped me change.  So this year I'm grateful for getting to know him because he has been thought about at least once every week.  I remember to enjoy life to its fullest like he was able to.