Monday, May 24, 2010

two years and counting

This last weekend was our two year wedding anniversary and we got to have a night away.  It was a nice little memory recap we went back to the place we went for our honeymoon. We went up to Midway Utah to the Zermatt Resort.  The Zermatt Resort is designed to be a Swiss village in the Mountains of Utah.  It is a nice play to get away.

We went up there on Friday and spent the night.  We went for a little walk and on our walk we saw big gold fish in a pond and than we saw goats.  So Brandon and I went up the hill to see the goats and we fed them grass on the other side of the fence because the grass is always better on the other side right?  We than went to Park City to see a movie and what movie did we see...

 It was a good movie it made us laugh and we did see it in 3D.

Saturday May 22 was our day of our 2nd year Anniversary.  We went to Salt Lake City for the day.  We went to the Zoo.  My favorite animal is an Elephant and last August there was a baby elephant born and I really really wanted to go see it but we didn't get the chance.  So on Saturday I got to see the baby elephant and I really want a Baby Elephant now.

That is the momma and the baby!  Christie and Zuri aren't they the cutest!!
(I have to find our camera so that I can get the pictures that we got)

Brandon's favorite animal is the Monkey he really likes the tiny ones not the big ol' apes.  So we got a lot of pictures on our camera phones of the monkeys for Brandon.  There were a lot of monkeys at the zoo.

After the zoo we went to IKEA we had fun just walking around and it was a good way to dream of the future of when we buy a home and what kind of furniture we would like to fill it up with.  We did get finger puppets from IKEA we got animal finger puppets so that we will be able to play with our daughter and start teaching her about animals.  

We than went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and it was so Yummy!!!  We didn't get a picture of our food because we just dived right into the yummy goodness.  We had a wonderful anniversary and we loved spending the weekend together and remembering the wonderful day that brought us together as a family and we are so excited that we still have an eternity together.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


It was my FAVORITE shows season finale tonight and they made some huge changes.  Well at least I will get a break until fall from watching t.v. every Thursday night.

So farewell to BONES for the summer...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm a gleek and I can't wait for tonight's episode on Fox.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

23 WEEKS!!!

     Wow I'm over half way done with this pregnancy crazy to think I'm almost in my third trimester!!! I have been thinking that I need to write about my pregnancy experience thus far... 

  •      We found out on December 31st that we were PREGNANT.  I was feeling really weird all the month of December sleeping all day and on my weekends they didn't exist I slept every second I could get.  We were so excited going into the New Year with the knowledge that by the end of this year we could have a little family.  We only told our families when we found out in case I had another miscarriage but we didn't.  Keeping that secret for the three months was pretty hard because I had horrible morning sickness.  I had to tell some of my co-workers so that they wouldn't think I was horribly sick and was going to get them sick.

  •     On April 6 I was 19 weeks along and we got to go get the ultrasound done which we were so excited for that we could hardly sleep the night before.  Our appointment was long we got to see our baby GIRL for 45 minutes.  It was amazing I cried it was so exciting to see the little baby inside of me.  They gave us an 85% chance that it was a girl but I knew as soon as the technician said it was a girl that I was going to have a girl.  We than went to tell our families what we were expecting.  With my mom we went and bought pink booties and wrapped them up in a yellow bag.  We than went to my moms work where we showed her the pictures of the baby they didn't give us a picture of what the gender was because they weren't 100% so my mom searched for that picture and didn't see it.  So she had to open the present and she was so excited to see that it was a girl.  We than went to Brandon's families house and we did a little Easter egg hunt because Easter was two days before.  We put yellow, orange, and purple starburst in  plastic Easter eggs and had them find the eggs and open them.  We didn't put the one that had the pink starburst in for a girl that was the last egg they had to open.  Brandon's mom got to open the egg and they were all excited to see that it was a girl.  I didn't want to post on facebook or on the blog what we were having because we didn't get to tell all of our family about what we are having and we have been waiting patiently for them to call us back but they haven't.  So I decided today that I was going to blog about it.  On May 5th so yesterday we went up to fetal studios it is a place where you can get ultrasounds done.  We found out 100% sure that it was a GIRL.

  •    I started to feel the baby wiggle the day of the first ultrasound so on April 6.
  •    I felt the baby girl really kick me during week 20.  Only at night though when I was all alone so       Brandon had to be a little more patient to feel the baby kick.
  •    Brandon felt the baby kick on May 3 she was kicking me really hard that evening she was making my tummy jump.
  •    I wake up every two hours now.  I also wake up whenever I move from side to side.
I just wanted to remember a couple of things about this pregnancy and I am so excited for the day this little girl comes so that I can give her loves and lots and lots of love.