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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My year in FACEBOOK status!!!

 (sorry I know the writing is small but is also on Facebook)

The picture says it all with what I have done this last year some big milestones but I will talk about when it is closer to New Years but I thought this is a good reminder that I have already had a wonderful year and yet there is still two more weeks of this GREAT YEAR so LET'S MAKE THE BEST OF IT!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009



So today was the day that I finished most of my Christmas shopping well most of it... I still have to buy some stocking stuffers but that is the easy part.  So while I was on my last shopping trip by myself the store that I shall not name that I was going to I was waiting for a cute little old lady to back up so I could get her parking spot.  This cute little old lady pulled out so that she could see me and waved for me to go around her.  I wanted the spot so I just pointed to the spot and I couldn't go around her because there was a car waiting for her to get going.  Anyways I got the spot but it made me think that I'm glad that this was my last store I had to go to and that I would be done with buying Christmas Presents...


It is our second Christmas together as a married couple and we have been wanting to make up some Christmas traditions that we could start so that when we have a little family we will know what to do instead of just guessing what we should do.  We decided last year that we would buy a village piece set like a house each year.  We have kept that tradition going and we added figurines this year because we had a little bit more money to play with and we hit all the sales of the village piece sets and the figurines which was really nice.  We go to our families on Christmas and we wanted to start a Christmas Eve tradition so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for us.  My favorite thing to do is go look at lights on houses on Christmas Eve so we have one thing going for us already.  I also want to turn off the lights on Christmas Eve and light some candles and read the story of Christ's birth since that is while we celebrate this time of year.  Also talk about the great gifts He has given us.  So I'm up for any cool traditions?


Thursday, November 26, 2009


So for the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about what I'm thankful for and I decided I would share my list of everything I'm thankful for.

  • BRANDON-  He is the love of my life.  I'm so grateful for him and all things he does for me.  I truly love him.
  • FAMILY-  I love my family and I'm so grateful for family in my life.
  • FRIENDS-  I love all of my friends they are all awesome
  • MY JOB-  I'm very grateful for the fact that I have a job that gives me great benefits.
  • OUR HOME-  I'm so grateful to have a roof over our head and that we can afford to live in such a great apartment.
There is just a couple things I'm grateful for and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Jersey, New York, Philly

WARNING: LONG BLOG AHEAD  (not really just a lot of pictures from our trip and explanations)

This is us before we got to the Washington Monument on our third day of the trip.  I became a true tourist at this point I bought a hat had a water bottle and of course a CAMERA.

So in this photo there is a piece of the WORLD TRADE CENTER the Eagle is carrying it on his legs.  This was in New Jersey this little park was a memorial of 9/11 when you walk up to this piece there is a time line of what happened on that day.

This is Lisa and Roy we stayed with them while we were out in New Jersey they love each other see.  They were amazing people and I'm so glad I got the time to meet them.  Lisa is now my second mom named Lisa but she is my New Jersey mom.  My first mom that is Lisa is my cousin who lives in England.

The Absecon Lighthouse Atlantic City, N.J.
I climbed all the way to the top and because I was so tired I forgot to take pictures of the view but I got a little card saying that I climbed up it.

Ha Ha this is where I tripled the 10 dollars I was allowed to gamble with.  Brandon lost all of his 10 dollars but I got it back by winning 40 dollars.

The street sign says States Ave.  Atlantic City is where Monopoly is based off so I just took a few of the signs because they are all over town.  Plus you can see the lighthouse in the background.

Lisa and Roy took us to a minor league baseball team before we got there it was down pouring because Hurricane Bill was coming...  I loved the sunset so that is what I was taking the picture for but got the team we were rooting for in the picture while they were stretching (I got a picture of their backside woops.)

New York Pizza Pie
That was my lunch the day we went into New York City.

We weren't able to go because it was a Saturday but I figured I would take a picture of it since I love watching it.

The Artist who drew Brandon and I drew us as characters we took a break while it was raining to sit under their umbrella's.

We walked past but we didn't have enough time to go in it would of been great if we could have gone to the top but it costs money sad day.

Our way back from the day in the NYC we took the train from New Jersey.

Brandon and I got the chance the day before we left to go to the Statue Of Liberty.  You only get to walk around it unless you plan ahead a couple of months but it was still great to see.


My favorite place now for ice cream/slushy.  We went there a lot of times while we were out there it is pretty much AMAZING!!!



That is pretty much the summary of the trip we had a great time and we were glad we got the chance to go out there and see most of the people Brandon taught or became great friends with in New Jersey.

Now for the final day of our trip...





We choose Pat's Steaks.
This is where you get a real Philly cheese-steak or at the other place Geno's.  There is a feud between these two places they fight over who makes the BEST Philly cheese-steak.  I think that Pat has away with making me a good cheese-steak.




Out with the old in with the new/early Christmas present

So for the last couple of months... a lot of things have been breaking down on us which is sad.  We got a computer from Brandon's mom and that got attacked with viruses before we could get a program on the computer.  That is where all my trip photos are.  That is why there have not been more photos up of our trip.  But the MOST IMPORTANT thing in the apartment broke down on me.  THE DISHWASHER.  I was so excited to get it because I hate washing dishes by hand.  So I wanted to blog about in with the new and out with the old but needed pictures so I just went and took some pictures forgetting that my memory card has all the trips photo's woops...  I am now importing them all to the Laptop hopefully Brandon doesn't mind it is only 920 pictures. 

So there is the old dishwasher... that I was so excited about and than it died a month after we moved in.


Here is the new dishwasher it still in the box sad day we have to wait for the managers to come and hook it up but there it is in all its glory BRAND NEW DISHWASHER!

So for now our dishwasher is still our HANDS!!!

Here is the new dishwasher...

It sure is quiet we love it!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Turning 23!!!!

Brandon's Birthday was on the third... and it was an eventful day!!!  When Brandon and I were in Washington D.C. we both agreed that the trip was our birthdays for the year.  So when it came time for Brandon's birthday he was saying it didn't exist.  So October 31st I went shopping with my friend Becca for his birthday gifts.  I told Brandon I was doing a girls day out and I didn't tell him where we were going.  I told Brandon when I got home that we went window shopping.  Becca was amazing she kept the gifts at her home and wrapped them for me.  So Tuesday morning came around Brandon had to go to a Jr. High for one of his college classes and during that time I did the normal house chores.  When Brandon got home I asked him if he would like to go out to dinner.  So we went to Wingers for his birthday dinner.  We than went to Smith's I told Brandon that I needed to get a Birthday Candle for his Birthday Desert because he didn't want a birthday gift.  I was going to put a birthday candle on a Reese's and light it but I couldn't find the birthday candles... so I had to get the candles that were the numbers 2, and 3.  While I was walking to check out I saw a lemon bunt cake and Brandon loves the flavor lemon so I thought it was meant to be.  So we went home.  Than Adam and Becca showed up to watch a movie.  In Becca's hands were Brandon's gift.   Adam and Becca got him a new game which we are excited to play next game night at our house.  Than it was my turn for the gifts I got Brandon. I got him 3 Cd's the first one he opened was Micheal Jackson...  the second one he opened was Metallica  he said that one was his favorite... until he opened the last one which was Def Leopard he loves it that is all we listen to in the car now.  I also got him a blue sweater that looks very cozy and warm I got it in dark blue so that he can wear it to his BYU football games.  Than Marcia came over and wished him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of his family.  Marcia couldn't stay to watch the movie with us because she is a busy college student and has class at 9.  Brandon or should I say Becca chose to watch Blades of Glory.  But before we watched the movie I got out the bunt cake and put the candles on top and than we sang happy birthday to Brandon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  So tonight is daylight savings yay an extra hour of sleep... I wish... I get to get an hour of overtime instead which I will take because that is better than sleep.  Brandon and I had big plans for Halloween we were all excited last night.  We were going to make cookies and carve pumpkins...  Well apparently when you live in Provo you can't wait until last minute to buy pumpkins.  We went to Maceys no pumpkins... so than we went to Smith's and the same thing no pumpkins well there was one left but that was way to depressing to even think about buying... so we went to Albertsons and again no pumpkins.  I was a little disappointed I really wanted to carve pumpkins.  So we went back home and had dinner than I went to get a couple more hours of sleep before work.  I was so disappointed that we didn't get pumpkins... But Brandon was a good sport because he still made the cookies while I was sleeping.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mosaic Pictures

So I was on Facebook playing around and I saw that you could make mosaic pictures so I did a couple...

I like this one because it has a lot of the pictures of before we were married and after we were married on our wedding day.

Once again same concept of the pictures.

Same thing again just another photo...

And than I saved this one for last it's me, Erin, and Erica just before Erin left on her mission.  I got photo's of Erin, Erica, and me to be put in this one.  You can tell we won't know what to do with out her for a year and a half.  But I think it will only make us stronger. Miss you Erin!!! and Erica I know your married now but can you still come out to play every once and a while ha ha love you girls. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009



So I have been thinking lately that I need to share some of my favorite quotes that have gotten me through some hard times and good times…

“Do something every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do.” – Christopher Morley

I like this quote because it reminds me that you do need to do something that would make you happy. I think if you do something silly everyday that means you are going to either laugh at yourself or your going to smile because you did something that made you step out of your comfort zone. I like my little bubble that I have put around myself that when I’m in new situations it throws me through a loop. I become quiet and keep to myself. But the instant I do something that I think is awkward I loosen up and you get to see the real me come out.

“I have wept in the night for the shortness of sight that somebody’s need made me blind; but I never have yet felt a twinge of regret for being a little too kind.” – Unknown

This quote helps me to remember that when I’m kind I will never feel the regret after wards of being kind. It is when I do something to make someone upset that I start to feel guilty for the things which I did. So when we are doing good acts of kindness we know we will not walk away feeling regret for helping someone out even if we don’t have the time to do it we will always walk away feeling better. It is when we tell someone no after they have asked for our help do we feel guilty. I don’t know about anybody else but it takes a lot of courage for me to ask somebody for help and when it does happen it is really hard when somebody tells me no. But when they say yes that is the greatest feeling knowing that I can ask for help and receive it.

“God does notice us, and He watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.” –Spencer W. Kimball

I love this quote it has been one of my favorites for a lot of years. I think it is because when I’m at my lowest and I need strength to carry on and I have been praying to my Heavenly Father for comfort and strength. I always hope that it will happen right away so I start to carry on with my life and it is not until I start telling people about what is happening in my life that my answers to my prayers are answered. I have a friend named Tim he just got married in August and I was so glad I could be there for them to see them get married in the Washington D.C. Temple. It was an amazing wedding and it helped me to remember what was said on my wedding day in the temple and what the sealer said to Brandon and I that touched my heart ever so much. Also my friend Tim helped me out when Brandon first left on his mission Tim would come over to my apartment to see how I was doing. I never thought he would do that I thought he was making those promises to Brandon just to be a good friend to Brandon. I didn’t think it was going to be promises to be one of my greatest friends I have had. Brandon has also helped me out tremendously before he left to go on his mission I started feeling doubts I think that is normal when you are about to say goodbye to a boyfriend for two years. Brandon watched me cry for hours on end telling him that I will have no friends once he leaves because he is the reason why I was friends with his friends is because I was his girlfriend. So that first Sunday Tim showed up to check up on me I knew that my Heavenly Father was watching over me even with just a simple friend showing up to see how I was doing made me feel like He was listening to me. In July Brandon and I went through a hard couple of weeks together. We found out we were expecting a baby in March and then only a week later to find out that I had a miscarriage it was hard for me and I know it was hard for Brandon. With everything that happened I’m glad that I can look on the Brightside of this experience because if I couldn’t I don’t know what I would be doing right now. Heavenly Father had sent a lot of people over to our house to give us comfort and so I still know that my Heavenly Father is watching us and helping us by letting others know our needs.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Costume Ideas?

So I know what I'm going to be for Halloween but Brandon is not so sure now. I'm going to be a black cat because I like dressing up as a cat. Brandon is undecided last Friday night we went to shopko and we bought him a hotdog costume but he is not sure now if that is what he wants to be. The other night when we were at wal-mart he saw a blind referee and wants to be that... so we need help should Brandon be a HOTDOG or A BLIND REFEREE?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Midnight hours...

So I have only had to work one midnight shift (9:45-6:15am) and so far I have survived but that is because I have had two days off after working my first shift. I think that this new position will be difficult get used to working at night... and sleeping in the morning. So while are you sleeping I'm trying to stay awake... and when you wake is when I sleep.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Changes...

So I thought I would update what has changed recently in my life right now and I'm very excited but at the same time it is bittersweet. I got the midnight job that I interviewed for so YAY. So three out of the fives things that I have listed on another blog have started.
  • I GOT THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT!!! That I interviewed for and I was so nervous about it. Maybe that is a good thing being nervous about change. I love the current position i'm working in my supervisor is AMAZING and the 5 individuals I take care they have become a family to me I worry about them when I'm not there and than when I'm there I have so much fun with them. I love all my co-workers that I work with Together Each Accomplishing More. Haha it spells out TEAM and that was a question I had to answer to get the job and so did all my co-workers. On the BRIGHTSIDE of this new job Brandon and I will be on the same schedule and we will have one day off together which is better than not having anydays off together which we are currently doing.
  • Brandon of course is enjoying football season. We don't talk about the BYU game that happened this last Saturday though but he is enjoying the season.
  • And... Brandon started school
So I decided I need to write out goals and work on them because I put them into action more when I have written them down instead of just saying them out loud. Well this was my exciting news of the day and I needed to write about my big change in my life.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Washington D.C. Photos part 1

Washington D.C. Temple. We got the chance to go see one of our best friends get married. It was a great experience and we were so glad that we got the chance to go see them get married.

This is Brandon and I at Arlington Cementary. We went for the afternoon we got to see the changing of the guards for the tomb of the unkown soliders. It was so neat to see we were impressed with how well they did each percise movement.

More photo's to come I have to go to work so I will continue this when I have time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall begins....

September has come so that means time of change...

  • Brandon has started school back at the Y. Brandon is taking three classes at the Y. He is taking GOLF, RACKET BALL, & How to teach PE. (the classes all have to do with his minor he wants to be a SPECIAL ED TEACHER and a Coach)
  • I'm interviewing for a new position at work... It is going to be a midnight schedule. Why you ask? It is so that Brandon and I are on the same schedule and not living a crazy life of not seeing each other that often.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAS BEGUN!!! This is Brandon's favorite past time so I'm going to find a new past time while he is at the games... I would go with him but I don't understand football and so I am letting him go with his friends that really enjoy football. But come Basketball season I'm going to be at every BYU game.
  • My New Hobby is going to be Photography... I love taking pictures so I'm going to start learning how to use my camera so that I can take awesome photos.
  • Brandon is going to be turning 23!!!
So that is the start of new change for the Waite family!!!

I love fall I love seeing the leaves start changing colors but my favorite thing is to be able to sip Apple Cider when the air is crisp.

I'm so Excited... We had a GREAT SUMMER but it is now time for a change.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Utah,

Brandon and I made it home from Washington D.C. New Jersey and New York City. Photo's to come of our trip!!!

Brandon & Jessica

Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip time...

Dear, Washington D.C.

Brandon and I are so excited to see you in a week...

Please Be There!!!

Your Friends,
The Waite Family

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who has given me the chance....

So Brandon and I went to the doctor on July 10 to find out that we were going to be having a baby!!! The due date was going to be on March 14, 2010 we were so excited we were going to start us a little family. We went to both of our families that Sunday and told them the great news I was only 4 1/2 weeks along but we couldn't wait to tell our families the great news.

Well this last Wednesday July 15 I went to the E.R. because my stomach started to hurt... I got a blood test done and than a ultrasound done not what i was expecting my first one to be like I was expecting to go in and listen to my baby's heartbeat not to see if there was a baby growing. It was a very hard night for me I went home emotionally drained I found out I was closer to 6 weeks along though that night. So I prayed for a miracle for the two days in between my next doctors appointment that I would still have a baby. On Friday July 17 just a week later after finding out we were expecting we got the call from the doctor telling us that we had a miscarriage.

I have been on a emotional roller coaster for these last two days. I burst into tears at the weirdest times. I was at church today and during the Sacrament rest hymn Each Life That Touches Ours For Good there is a line in the hymn which touched my heart this is what it is...

"When such a friend from us departs,
We hold forever in our hearts
A sweet and hallowed memory,
Bring us nearer, Lord, to thee."

I could not even get through singing this song because I started to cry. I just thought of how I need to use this experience as a way to get closer to our Father in Heaven and let Him help heal this broken heart I am feeling for loosing a baby. The five weeks of being a mom to a spirit was a tender moment and I will never forget it. "A sweet and hallowed memory" explains how I feel so much. Just a short time but I have a memory that I will never forget.

I never knew that just loosing a baby within the first of couple of weeks could be so hard. It is so weird how I have grown a bond with this baby. I just have been very grateful in knowing that I was married in the temple and that our little family has been sealed together forever. This is a hard trial that we got to go through but I know that this will only make us stronger.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What my letters in my name mean!!

I am on facebook and this morning I see on my homepage play with your name and see what it means so I go to do it because I'm bored and have to be on the couch all day... The result I really did not enjoy what it came out to be so I'm going to leave the bold for the results but Change what I think it should say... the only one that I'm going to change change is the J because I don't like what the J stands for.

J - is very loving

E - has gorgeous eyes

S - makes people laugh

S - makes people laugh (makes people smile)

I - is really sweet & romantic

C - selfish (cares about everyone)

A - crazy (outgoing)


H - stick to one

E - has gorgeous eyes

A - crazy

P - popular with all types of people

S - makes people laugh


W - can be funny and dumb at times

A - crazy

I - is really sweet & romantic

T - a smile to die for

E - has gorgeous eyes

Monday, July 13, 2009


So Brandon and I moved on July 1 to a bigger apartment on the same street in Provo. It was a lot of hard work but in the end we have decided it was well worth it. The new apartment our new home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dishwasher, and the best part of it all a washer/dryer. The second room has come in handy we have a office/guest room. The kitchen is not as big as our last place but it gives us more counter space and cupboard

space which I love because I'm all about storage. Brandon and I also moving into the new place we went and bought a couch set for our living room. Our new place is starting to get decorated one step at a time last week I decorated somewhat of the kitchen. Last night Brandon and I decorated the living room. I think Brandon's favorite part of this apartment is that we are allowed to mount our 42 inch TV on the wall so we got to get rid of our cheap entertainment center Yay!! I'm going to miss our old apartment because that was our first home as a married couple and we decided it was time for a little bit bigger apartment right when I started getting really comfortable living there. But I still think the move was a very smart move more space and I get a washer/dryer I love it.

Friday, June 5, 2009


So last night my co-worker/friend Tina bought a Bump it you know the things that you see on t.v. So after work we decided to have a bump it party!!! It was lots of fun to just have a girls night. Well they kind of actually work with a lot of practice you just can't put it in and it instantly works. You get it after an hour okay not an hour maybe like twenty minutes. But it actually gives you a good bump in your hair. So last night was a fun night because we tried out a new product that you see on t.v. and it actually works. So today my hair is up in a bun but i got a nice little bump where I like to have a bump on my hair. This is something I wish I had for my wedding day for the bump we needed for the crown that was on my head. So that is the great excitement in my life.