Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zoey {1 Year}

Zoey your story began before daddy and I knew we were pregnant.  When I was pregnant with Lexy about a month before I had her I saw you.  I was handed you and I knew that I waited so long to have you in my arms.  When I called on February 18, 2012 and hearing that they wanted to induce me on the 20th I was overjoyed.  The night before you came I was all full of anxiety and so excited to meet this little girl that I had been waiting for.  February 20 came mommy woke up at 6am to get ready to go to hospital daddy woke up at 6:30 that is when grandma woke up also.  Grandma made us a quick breakfast a boiled egg, toast, and strawberries.  Mommy was so excited she had to make herself eat knowing that today was going to be the day when I would need a good meal.  Daddy and Mommy left grandma and papa's house at 6:50 we got to the hospital at 7am.  It was crazy walking in there and knowing the next time I came out I would have a little girl.  Well the morning came and Aunt Laura, Grandma Margaret and Martha, and Janine had all shown up waiting to meet you.  1:30pm came and that is when everything went by so fast but so slow.  At 2:09pm Daddy and I heard the greatest cry your cry.

Fast forward a year!

You are standing, crawling, walking when you want, talking, and not sleeping through the night yet!  Daddy and I both love to hear you say mama or dada when we walk into your room to get you we love seeing a big smile on your face to start the day off.  We are so blessed to have you as our daughter.  Learning to be a parent was and still is hard.  The many sleepless nights we had when you were a newborn but how the cuddles so made up for this.  Seeing you smile for the first time, watching you just say mama mama over and over in your crib, trying new foods and the face you pull, watching you one morning just start to crawl and now your a speed crawler trying to keep up with the cats or trying to get to tigger before he stops bouncing, your first steps and how very careful you were and still are when your walking, hearing eh, yeah, mama, dada, hi are now the greatest sounds.  I will never ever forget how wonderful that sound of your first cry was though and how joyful of a room you were born into laughter and tears on everybody's faces (all the nurses, the doctor, aunt Laura as she cleaned you off, Grandma Margaret jumping up and down with joy, daddy and I speechless and in tears, Grandma Martha telling us the greatest sound from the room in the hallway was the cry).  Within this year you have given us so many tears of happiness, so much laughter, and shared so much joy.  We love you and are so grateful to have you as a daughter Zoey!