Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Borrowers Part two

The Borrowers are Back...

and they brought back my shoe I'm still waiting for my cleaning supplies... my shoe was in a box in the garage when it should have been sitting in the kitchen right next to the other one.  I wonder what they needed to use it for in the garage?

now if they will just bring back the rest of the cleaning supplies that would be much appreciated.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Convinced...

We just moved into our new home.  We still have boxes to unpack and things to be put in their proper spaces.  Before I take pictures because no one wants to see a house full of boxes.

But I'm Convinced we have little red heads living in our house and their names are borrowers... you know the borrowers...

these are the borrowers they like to borrow things but not steal them.  Well on Tuesday Brandon and I went grocery shopping for some meals this week.  When we were at the store I also needed laundry soap, fabric softener, dish soap, and MULTI-SURFACE cleaner.  We got home we had dinner got the washer/dryer hooked up.  I'm nesting so the first thing I grab to wash are the babies clothes and the laundry soap.   I forgot about the other cleaners... Until today.

Today I was going to clean out the drawers of our bathrooms and clean all the floors and than start putting all the bathroom things away until... I couldn't find the MULTI-SURFACE cleaner.  I got frustrated I went downstairs and decided to finish our laundry.  When I thought well I need the fabric softener and than realized it is in the same bag as the cleaner.  I decided I would just put off cleaning the rest of our clothes until I found this bag that I think my pregnancy brain put somewhere and won't let me remember where.  I asked hubby when he got home from school if he knew where the bag was he said honestly it should be in the kitchen.  IT'S NOT :( ... unless it is hiding.

So I wasn't convinced until work tonight when I went to put on my shoes and all I could find was my left shoe... my right shoe that was sitting right next to it is missing.

I really do think these little red headed borrowers need to share and bring back my things.  But I do believe they exist that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

On our way...

We are on our way to being homeowners.  We are now in the real process of the underwriting of the loan.  We will be closing on our house next Wednesday.  We are super excited!!!  After all this time of waiting... Brandon now says what I said the day when we put the offer in... "I won't believe it until the keys are in our hands."  and hopefully next Wednesday will be that day.  I will surely post pictures of the keys to our house when we get them.