Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Midnight hours...

So I have only had to work one midnight shift (9:45-6:15am) and so far I have survived but that is because I have had two days off after working my first shift. I think that this new position will be difficult get used to working at night... and sleeping in the morning. So while are you sleeping I'm trying to stay awake... and when you wake is when I sleep.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Changes...

So I thought I would update what has changed recently in my life right now and I'm very excited but at the same time it is bittersweet. I got the midnight job that I interviewed for so YAY. So three out of the fives things that I have listed on another blog have started.
  • I GOT THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT!!! That I interviewed for and I was so nervous about it. Maybe that is a good thing being nervous about change. I love the current position i'm working in my supervisor is AMAZING and the 5 individuals I take care they have become a family to me I worry about them when I'm not there and than when I'm there I have so much fun with them. I love all my co-workers that I work with Together Each Accomplishing More. Haha it spells out TEAM and that was a question I had to answer to get the job and so did all my co-workers. On the BRIGHTSIDE of this new job Brandon and I will be on the same schedule and we will have one day off together which is better than not having anydays off together which we are currently doing.
  • Brandon of course is enjoying football season. We don't talk about the BYU game that happened this last Saturday though but he is enjoying the season.
  • And... Brandon started school
So I decided I need to write out goals and work on them because I put them into action more when I have written them down instead of just saying them out loud. Well this was my exciting news of the day and I needed to write about my big change in my life.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Washington D.C. Photos part 1

Washington D.C. Temple. We got the chance to go see one of our best friends get married. It was a great experience and we were so glad that we got the chance to go see them get married.

This is Brandon and I at Arlington Cementary. We went for the afternoon we got to see the changing of the guards for the tomb of the unkown soliders. It was so neat to see we were impressed with how well they did each percise movement.

More photo's to come I have to go to work so I will continue this when I have time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall begins....

September has come so that means time of change...

  • Brandon has started school back at the Y. Brandon is taking three classes at the Y. He is taking GOLF, RACKET BALL, & How to teach PE. (the classes all have to do with his minor he wants to be a SPECIAL ED TEACHER and a Coach)
  • I'm interviewing for a new position at work... It is going to be a midnight schedule. Why you ask? It is so that Brandon and I are on the same schedule and not living a crazy life of not seeing each other that often.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAS BEGUN!!! This is Brandon's favorite past time so I'm going to find a new past time while he is at the games... I would go with him but I don't understand football and so I am letting him go with his friends that really enjoy football. But come Basketball season I'm going to be at every BYU game.
  • My New Hobby is going to be Photography... I love taking pictures so I'm going to start learning how to use my camera so that I can take awesome photos.
  • Brandon is going to be turning 23!!!
So that is the start of new change for the Waite family!!!

I love fall I love seeing the leaves start changing colors but my favorite thing is to be able to sip Apple Cider when the air is crisp.

I'm so Excited... We had a GREAT SUMMER but it is now time for a change.