Sunday, November 10, 2013

Almost a BIG kid now... But not to Big yet!

Almost almost almost there just a little bit more and maybe maybe a jump and than I can reach it!

Brandon turned 27! He is almost grown up! He has a family, a house, three pets, and a big kid job!  I'm so proud of him he truly is an amazing Big Kid!  He is an amazing husband and a wonderful daddy to Zoey! Brandon is very busy lately and it is nice sometimes to just see him get down on the ground and play with blocks with Zoey or any toy with her.  That is where the Big Kid comes in he will play with Zoey and get the biggest smile on his face. Happy Birthday Honey!

Zoey showed me her new trick she learned on Friday! Zoey did it not just once but three times!!! She learned how to climb out of her crib! Zoey climbed out on Thursday but I thought it was just a fluke.  Oh by the way her room wasn't baby proofed her clothes and blankets were everywhere! We put her down for bed and she fell asleep just fine in her crib.  I was expecting on Friday morning to be opening the door and she would be outside her crib! nope! in her crib waiting for me.  So I thought okay yesterday was a fluke! all until it was nap time and she showed me she knew how to climb out as soon as I put her in her crib. in fact she let me pull out my phone and record it. (posted on FB) Zoey didn't get a nap in the morning but i got some cuddles for a little while! Friday night she fell asleep in her crib and didn't climb out for daddy.  Saturday I was determined we were going to baby proof her dresser and change her crib to the toddler bed. I was in the room after Brandon had just baby proofed the dresser I went to change the crib to the toddler bed I was sad but happy at the same time my baby is no longer a baby needing the safety of a crib.  As the front piece of her crib came off I was also a little worried. I hadn't read anything on switching from crib to the toddler bed. (i didn't know what i was going to have to do teach her this is where she still sleeps)  I had to call Brandon in to do the last part because I was worried about the little piece of wood they give that turns it to the toddler bed it just makes the crib look like a bed no railing... the mattress is pretty low to the ground but still my baby can fall out of the bed.  Brandon had to reassure me that she would be okay. Zoey was locked out of her room all morning and by that time she was getting pretty upset because she could hear her toys going off (oops accidentally hitting them).  Mommy and Daddy had shut the door just to play with her toys! We finished getting her bed all made and than let her in she looked around her room for a minute than ran over to her toy and that is when she saw that she could climb up on her bed yes she stood on the mattress and looked confused she went to the sides and dropped one of her toys over than sat down and scooted off to get it. Nap time came mommy was mean again but I took out all of her toys so that she knew she needed to climb in bed and take a nap.  She cried for a minute when I closed the door and than silence I went to check on her she was taking her blankets over to her chair trying to climb on the chair in her room than ran around to every corner in her room. Zoey again didn't take another morning nap to excited to be FREE in her room.  But she did take an afternoon nap and she cried a little but not a lot.  Zoey slept through the night last night and this morning she just played in her room until i went in to get her and she ran out no cuddles that she gives me in the morning just off to find more toys to play with.  Tonight when I got home I went in to check on her and she was fast asleep cuddled under her blankets.  When did my little 5 pound baby turn into this big girl who doesn't need a rail on her bed? Zoey is starting to turn into a TODDLER! I can't believe how big she has got stop growing baby 20 months is old enough for you!

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